Saturday, August 17th, 2019

Sorority sisters in sombreros racially insensitive


California State University at Fullerton is cracking down on coeds celebrating Taco Tuesdays. The Alpha Delta Pi sorority is trouble because of sombreros and sarapes. Seriously.

In addition to being banned from this semester’s recruitment, the sorority also faces a year of probation, through December 31, 2015.

ADPi must also develop and promote a “We’re a Culture, Not a Costume” program, an initiative that began at Ohio State University in 2011 to stop people from promoting racial and cultural stereotypes through Halloween costume choices.

Examples of unacceptable costumes, according to the campaign, include Asian nerd, Japanese geisha, Native American, and even country farmer, because they’re inaccurate representation of the members of these groups.

CSUF has also demanded that ADPi and develop multiple diversity and “cultural competency” workshops for current and future members.

Hopefully the students won’t be asked to demonstrate authentic cultural dress as part of their sensitivity training.

If a wearing a sombrero is racist, a lot of Mexican restaurants are in trouble. Here’s me at Jose Blue Sombrero blowing out the candle on a piece of birthday flan a few years ago. I still have it and I’m keeping it.

My 43rd birthday

My 43rd birthday with my wife and my friends Kelin and Anita

Does anyone really think the kids are going to suddenly believe a sombrero is racist because some humorless college administrator tells them it is? Or are they going to learn a more important lesson: If you’re going to have fun, don’t get caught, and beware the urban sombrero.

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