Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Speaking of fraud in Brookfield


I wish I could say that I was the first to catch this. A statement was issued in the name of Democratic poll observer Ramona Kitzenger supposedly explaining when she was told about the discrepency between the vote numbers originally reported by the city of Brookfield on election night and Waukesha County on election night.

On Thursday, I then showed up as per normal procedure at 9am and the canvass again went normally and concluded sometime between 4pm and 5pm. During the course of the day, the issue of minor vote corrections in New Berlin and Lisbon came up, but again nothing of a historic nature or reflecting glaring irregularities. In fact, the matter of vote totals in Brookfield City came up specifically during the course of Thursday�s canvass. In retrospect, it seems both shocking and somewhat appalling there was no mention of discovery of this 15,000 vote �human error� that ultimately had the potential to tip the balance of an entire statewide election. How is this possible?

Once the canvass had been completed and the results were finalized, I was called into Kathy�s office along with Pat (the Republican observer) and told of an impending 5:30pm press conference. It was at that point that I was first made aware of an error Kathy had made in Brookfield City.

Now, I don’t know where “Brookfield City” is but it is certainly not in southeastern Wisconsin. I know the location of the city of Brookfield, I know the location of the town of Brookfield. I even know the outlines of the newly proposed village near the city of Brookfield, and it doesn’t have a name yet.

But never in my 42 years of living in southeastern Wisconsin have I ever heard of “Brookfield City.”

I have a message in to both the Waukesha County Democratic Party Chairman Victor Weers and the Fifth District Democratic Party Chairman Jeff Christensen to find out who wrote Kitzenger’s statement because I can almost guarantee it wasn’t Kitzenger.

(Thks: Vicki McKenna)

Update! I want to add that since I typed this I have heard from Jeff Christensen who said it was from Kitzenger. Whether he was in a position to know if it’s true or no,t I don’t know. I am still waiting on an answer from Weers since Waukesha is his party now and he is the one calling for Nickolaus to resign.

By the way, since Kitzenger is, by this statement, unable to really understand what’s going on in the clerk’s office, why was she (and apparently only she) there? Surely the Democratic Party, knowing Nickolaus’ colorful history of screw-ups, might have wanted as many trained observers there as possible. It’s not the Democrats’ fault Nickolaus screwed up but a more vigorous self-defense by the party might have gone a long way to dispel the rumors of conspiracies.

Update from Victor Weers, chairman of the Waukesha Democratic Party  4/14 8:39 PM:

Given the odd wording it has to be Ramona. See the question at the end of the third paragraph – how is this possible? Classic Ramona. She gets the tense mixed up all the time.

And she reverses phrases all the time too. So her saying Brookfield City for the City of Brookfield is not surprising and really is just more proof that she wrote it.

She is salt of the earth and a dedicated Democrat. I love having her around.


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