Friday, August 23rd, 2019

Staskunas’s staff getting a little testy


West Allis State Representative Tony Staskunas’ staff was getting a little testy with callers today if they were calling to express support for Governor Scott Walker’s plan to fix the current budget.  At least one caller, one of the mildest people I know and a professional therapist, was shocked by the argumentative nature of the person answering the phone.  The person calling is not a Tea Party member.  He is not a member of the Republican Party.  He’s simply a homeowner and operates a small professional practice, and he just wanted to register his support for the governor’s bill.  For his trouble he was treated rudely by an obnoxious staffer who was offended that someone would dare call with an opinion different from the Democratic orthodoxy.

As West Allis becomes more Republican, Staskunas might want to speak to his staff about how they handle constituents in the future if they happen to have a different opinion.

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