Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Support the troops


WISN’s Dan Deibert is looking for a few good men and women to protest at the Army Recruiting Office near UW-Milwaukee that the hippie vandals hit. Apparently a group of “Give Peace a Chance” types showed up again, and Deibert would like to demonstrate in support of the troops. Deibert quotes the newspaper,

It was the first demonstration at the recruiting office on Oakland Ave. since 21 people were arrested last month after demonstrators broke windows and threw paint bombs at the office. The protesters held up signs that said “Bring Our Windows Home Now,” “Give Windows a Chance” and “100 Windows are Broken Every Day in Baghdad.”

Bad enough that vandalized the office, now the idiots were there demonstrating they think it’s just a joke. Remind me again of the formulation? They “support the troops” but they don’t support the war. Amazingly they’ve repeated it so often, some of them actually believe it.

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