Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Sure played a mean pinball


Mark Belling of WISN-AM 1130 is reporting that we may yet witness the return of Tommy! Not the musical, the governor.

A Thompson comeback would be death for Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker’s own hopes of running for governor and the mere talk of a Tommy run would be enough to dry up Walker’s fundraising (which has to begin NOW). While the Thompson era was the Wisconsin Republican equivalent of the Lombardi glory years, Walker represents the party’s future, not its past. Walker’s anti-tax message is a political winner for a Republican Party that has lost its way and sometimes its will. Walker is young, attractive, smart and ready. As beloved as Thompson is by state Republicans, his potential comeback brings to mind the old cliché about there being no third acts in American politics.

Like the vain woman who envied the corpse at a funeral, Thompson’s Hamlet act was nearly as destructive to Mark Green in 2006 as the state elections board. Tommy! should declare now or get out of the way.

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