Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Ann Althouse asks, “Who knew you could claim an entire city park for yourself with litter?” Amazing how the protestors are not embarrassed at all to be shown as such slobs. Instead they’re busy driving business away. These protesters have a variety of topics, but they keep coming back to Monsanto and GMO. At 1:50, […]

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While we’re on the subject of ethical journalism (and we are, aren’t we?), Ann Althouse asks why Isthmus columnist Jack Craver turned off the camera filming a camel struggling on ice when he was asked by the Daily Show’s John Oliver. The reporter, Jack Craver, apparently obliges John Oliver who tells him to shut off the camera. […]

Ann Althouse took a photo-walk of the UW-Madison campus and came across the following sign, Althouse, calling the sign, “horrifying,” comments, “Fast Trains Are Cool.” As if the government should provide us with everything, even coolness. Big Brother loves you, and Big Brother will also supply the coolness that’s currently missing in your gray little life. Wow! […]

Andrew Breitbart is offering $100,000 for the Journolist e-mail list archive. Journolist was the e-mail list founded by Washington Post writer Ezra Klein so liberals and liberal journalists could all compare notes and share talking points. Ann Althouse, who would love to see the archives, too, has found one blogger who doubts Breitbart will find […]

Christopher Hitchens explains the strongest motivation for writers: Why did you choose to write a memoir? I suppose the effect of becoming 60 on me was stronger than I thought it was going to be. I took it quite heavily and began to review my life a lot more than I had before. Did you […]

Senate candidate Rand Paul has run into problems with Rush. Not Rush Limbaugh, Rush the band from Canada. Rand Paul, the Republican Senate candidate from Kentucky, is a big fan. Not only will he quote lyrics from the band on the campaign trail, he also likes to rock out to its music to get his […]

Ann Althouse looks at a website mocking the misspellings on signs at Tea Party rallies: The page is called “Teabonics,” a term intended to express how stupid Tea Partiers are. But the coinage “Teabonics” is a play on “Ebonics.” The word “Ebonics” isn’t supposed to make fun of mistakes made by black people. It embodies […]

Owen Robinson calls BS on the school lunch program numbers.  I always liked the mock chicken legs.  The Appleton Post-Crescent (aka, the Appleton Half-Moon) lists the problems at the state treasurer’s office, but stops short of suggesting Sass should be removed. Rick Esenberg tackles the Gableman question, is it enough not to lie?  We’ll see […]

Ann Althouse may have one of the best photo captions ever: I know, I heard the latest Barack Obama speech. Meanwhile, Ben Smith blames Hillary… Print this entry