Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Each year I consult the magic martini shaker to make a list of predictions and then, because I’m a masochist, I revisit them at the end of the year to see how well I did. This year I did better than most. Any better, and TLC channel will offer me a reality television show as […]

Normally an e-mail from Jack Lohman is like getting an e-mail from Usuman Sankara of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, the national bank manager who wishes to smuggle some deceased relative’s fortune out of his poor country with our help. It is often of a similar fanciful nature: free health care, problem-free elections, scandal-free politicians. All we […]

The Big 7 for 2007 The seven events of 2007 shaping Wisconsin The State Senate Democrats overreach with Healthy Wisconsin, a plan to double state taxes to provide “universal” health care coverage. The plan fails to receive the endorsement of Democratic Governor Jim Doyle and Assembly Republicans and causes state budget negotiations to collapse. Eventually […]

Each year I make a set of predictions, some tongue in cheek, and every year I prove to only be slightly better than sportswriters predicting the outcomes of NFL games. A quick glance at this year’s scorecard will show I made better predictions than in the past. Comments in italics. Governor Doyle will get one […]

This seems to me about right. Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice-elect Annette Ziegler reached a settlement with state officials that will bring to an end a conflict-of-interest complaint filed against her, according to the legal counsel for the State Ethics Board. The settlement resolves a complaint by the board that claimed Ziegler violated conflict-of-interest laws when […]

One final detail left over from the state supreme court race. The State Ethics Board, not normally known for its aggresiveness, has filed a complaint against Justice Ziegler. According to the Associated Press, The state Ethics Board on Wednesday filed a complaint alleging that newly elected Supreme Court Justice Annette Ziegler violated the state’s ethics […]

I don’t claim to have inside information; I’m only making these predictions from observation. But if you were going to bet on the State Supreme Court race (and we all know that would be wrong), then I’m guessing the negative ads worked and we’re looking at Clifford the Big Red Dog winning 52% to 48% […]

The verdict is in. I have weighed the evidence, listened to the charges and counter-charges, and while I agree Judge Ziegler did violate the rules, I find her opponent Linda Clifford guilty of being philosophically unfit to serve on the state supreme court. In the case of Ziegler v. Clifford, the choice is between Ziegler’s […]

There’s been an election complaint filed against the blog Boots and Sabers because the “Blogs for Ziegler” ad/button does not have a disclaimer. Owen’s one word reaction, “Fun!” I’m curious if anything develops from the case, as there are protections on the federal level, I’m not sure what kind of protections exist on the state […]

With the state supreme court election less than a month away, I decided to do my public service by giving you this do-it-yourself get-out-the-vote postcard for you to mail out the Friday before election day. Remember, it doesn’t matter whom you remind to vote as long as don’t tell them to vote for a particular […]