Saturday, August 24th, 2019

This was the best the Associated Press could do when captioning a photo of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and Phil Robertson:   “Sarah Palin and the guy from ‘Duck Dynasty’ at an anti-Iran-deal rally in Washington yesterday. PHOTO: ASSOCIATED PRESS/SIPA” At least they guessed what TV show “the guy” was from. Print this entry

Before you throw a life preserver to a polar bear, you might want to check what you’re seeing: “Editors, photo editors, and photo librarians – please eliminate AP photo NY109 that was sent on Saturday, July 27, 2013. The caption inaccurately stated that “the shallow meltwater lake is occurring due to an unusually warm period.” […]

White House plumbers threatening our First Amendment rights looking for leaks? Check. Government pressure on the White House’s enemies list? Check. Scandal with a cover-up? Check. A potential foreign policy quagmire in another country’s civil war? Check. An embarrassing Vice President? Check. Scandalous Attorney General involved in a cover up and invoking Executive Privilege? Check. […]

This is the “Big Story” with the Associated Press, “MASS. POLICE: BOMB SUSPECTS DIDN’T HAVE GUN PERMIT.”   CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (AP) — A Massachusetts police official say the brothers suspected of bombing the Boston Marathon before having shootouts with authorities didn’t have gun permits. Cambridge Police Commissioner Robert Haas tells The Associated Press in an […]

What a nice, upstanding member of the community. Real class. Why, he even took the time yesterday to stop in the press room at the Capitol to tell a reporter he could write whatever he wanted. Only he used a little more passionate language. I’m sure Scott Bauer was thrilled to be granted such permission […]