Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Jessica McBride makes a great point about last night’s Michigan primary: There were fewer independents voting in the GOP primary in Michigan than voted in New Hampshire. McCain has yet to show he can appeal to enough Republicans to win the primary. Then, again, he’s showing he can appeal to enough independents to win the […]

Fr. Mich of Good Shepherd Parish of Menomonee Falls pens a letter to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel in support of a lawsuit to overturn the ban on gay marriage – never mind that it is contrary to what he is supposed to teach as church doctrine on any given Sunday. Fr. Mich’s objection to the […]

Each year I make a set of predictions, some tongue in cheek, and every year I prove to only be slightly better than sportswriters predicting the outcomes of NFL games. A quick glance at this year’s scorecard will show I made better predictions than in the past. Comments in italics. Governor Doyle will get one […]

Rick: Your cash is good at the bar. Banker: What? Do you know who I am? Rick: I do. You’re lucky the bar’s open to you. I’ve commented before on “anonymous” commenters, and just how anonymous they are. Let me repeat my advice. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want everyone to know who wrote it. […]

From today’s Sound Off column in the Waukesha Freeman: Wisconsin CovenantThe reader’s Sound Off column on Tuesday regarding the Wisconsin Covenant is way off base. Belling, Wigderson, and Robinson are not against students getting aneducation, as the reader tries to twist. Nobody of sound faculty and wit would be against expediting education. The compunction here […]

WTMJ’s Charlie Sykes is making the rounds promoting his latest book, 50 Rules Kids Won’t Learn in School: Real-World Antidotes to Feel-Good Education (you can read my review here). His most recent stop was to Marquette Law School, live-blogged by Marquette Professor John McAdams. Here’s a little bit of radio stuff I found interesting in […]

What does it say about a potential Republican candidate for governor when his biggest defender is Democratic political consultant Bill Christofferson? J.B. Van Hollen, who took office in January, has come under fire for failing to prosecute — or at least dirty up –the Democratic governor, Jim Doyle. The wingnuts are also unhappy about opinions […]

There was some discussion on Eric Von’s show on WMCS-AM during the “Backstory” segment about whether or not Michael McGee Jr should be removed from his committee assignments during the investigations, prosecution and sentencing to come. Former Crazy Shepherd columnist Dave Berkman argued that McGee Jr is innocent until proven guilty, and that he was […]

This is the e-mail sent to a WTMJ-AM listener: I appreciate your thoughts and comments. I would like to just clarify a couple of things. Jessica was not fired because of a certain ideology. She wasn’t even dismissed over the Eugene Kane piece she aired, although I believe it was an inappropriate attempt at comedy. […]

Of course, you can get the complete update on Anna Nicole Smith from People Magazine. We’ve learned, Anna Nicole Smith’s 5-month-old daughter Dannielynn Hope is being cared for at the Bahamas home that Smith and companion Howard K. Stern shared together, PEOPLE has learned. Smith lawyer Ron Rale said Friday that Dannielynn is now in […]