Monday, August 26th, 2019

Wisconsin Democrats, do you really think you could do better than Brett Hulsey? The only drawback I could see for Democrats is that they would have to listen to him starting every meeting with, “I told you so.” Well, and that he’s Brett Hulsey. However, from my point of view, making Hulsey the next Democratic […]

My friends, the Democrats in Wisconsin need help. No, really. Their current party chairman, Mike Tate, has announced he will not be seeking re-election at the June convention. He has become a lame duck, and the party is bereft of leadership. Okay, Tate wasn’t exactly an inspiring leader before, either. But still, there is a […]

This year we are continuing our tradition of taking a look back to last year’s predictions.  You would think I would learn each year that making so many predictions just means I have more work to do the following year correcting them. I’m also increasing the odds I’ll be wrong. Some people think I’m just […]

Madison ladies, how can you resist Democratic State Representative Brett Hulsey? He loves Obamacare, just like Anthony Wiener. Okay, Hulsey has made a few people uncomfortable, but there’s no report he put any women in a headlock yet. Only that he wanted to. Then he’s got the shiny red car, a real chick magnet. Did […]

Okay, more predictions. House of Representatives Quick! Name Congressman Jim Sensenbrenner’s opponent! That’s what I thought. Sensenbrenner won’t even have to spend the spare change in his pocket to win re-election this year. Congressman Tom Petri will still be able to build more bicycle paths (if congress lets him). Congressman Reid Ribble’s opponent Jamie Wall […]

Did you know that if we could fly a giant hunk of the glacier covering Antarctica to Waukesha the city would not need to divert water from Lake Michigan? Absurd, right? This week at the MacIver Institute, I puncture another absurd idea pushed by the bicycling evangelists. They’re promoting a study that shows that if […]

As leftwing frustration grows, so does the heat in their rhetoric. Here’s a tweet from Ryan Zeinert from “The Communist Dance Party.” Then there’s this tweet: And that caught the seeming approval of Democratic State Representative Brett Hulsey: That prompted me to ask Hulsey if he endorsed the implied message of violence. Hulsey claimed he […]

State Senator Glenn Grothman was trapped by an angry mob and had to call for help. State Representative Brett Hulsey (D) had to step in before something serious happened. The worst of it starts about three minutes in. This isn’t Democracy. This is the rule of the mob. I’ll give Hulsey credit for stepping in […]