Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Earlier this month, State Rep Therese Berceau stood with a bunch of liberal special interests and complained about the influence of special interests on our elections. (Being a liberal means being deprived of any sense of irony.) As I explain over at the MacIver Institute, Berceau’s proposed bill to fix the problem is a ridiculous, […]

For giggles, I watched on Wisconsin Eye the “debate” in the state Assembly from Wednesday night about the campaign finance reform law changes. By now everyone is aware the Democrats took turns claiming they were recusing themselves. However, if they were seriously recusing themselves, they shouldn’t have spoken against the bill, yet several of them took the […]

Taking a page from Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm’s playbook, the Obama Justice Department is targeting former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, claiming new definitions of the law to justify their actions. Print this entry

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Waukesha Freeman May 8, 2014, Page A7 Opinion Free speech wins should be celebrated Recent court decisions protect our First Amendment rights There were two recent victories for our First Amendment rights worth celebrating. Thanks to federal court rulings on different levels, the rights to support candidates for office and speak on the issues have […]

A couple of websites are raising the question, how can Mayor Jeff Scrima’s campaign only be reporting a $100 donation from himself if the campaign is buying all those newspaper ads? Well, it depends when the ads ran. The campaign finance report is only through the end of last year. Unless there were ads run […]

Lefty crank Ed Garveyis making fun of the political return of former Governor Tommy Thompson. Pretty funny when you consider something that was left out of Garvey’s blog post: Tommy Thompson Scott McCallum Republican 1,047,716 59.66% Ed Garvey Barbara Lawton Democratic 679,553 38.70% I forgot Barbara Lawton ran with Garvey. I wonder what ever happened […]

Wisconsin Right to Life won another victory for our First Amendment rights. A 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel ruled Monday that Political Action Committees that do not coordinate with candidates can accept unlimited donations. The appeals court said the donation limit can be exceeded while the underlying lawsuit is pending. Wisconsin Right to […]

Over at Fighting Bob, Bill Kraus explains why he likes public financing of campaigns: The reform organizations offer up a long series of proposals that would give politics back to the politicians and begin to dismantle the beholdenism that is a feature of this era of non-stop, money driven campaigning. Give politics back to the […]

I like the headline the MacIver Institute gave my latest op-ed for them, “Public Financing of Campaigns a Bust in Wisconsin.” As many of you know, the state budget proposed by Governor Scott Walker does not include using tax money to finance public funding of election campaigns. From now on, when you check that little […]