Saturday, July 20th, 2019

So let me get this straight. American Sniper, a film that gives a candid look at the life of American soldier Chris Kyle, a sniper that has more kills than anyone else in American history, is supposedly really, really bad. The film’s straightforward treatment of Kyle, who was killed in February 2013 by a veteran […]

I previously commented on the story of sniper Chris Kyle who claimed he once punched out former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. Ventura denied it, then he sued Kyle, then Ventura Kyle’s estate after Kyle died. In the meantime, the local wackadoo leftys started indulging in their love of conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to criticize me […]

I really had to think about how to respond to an unhinged rant over at Blogging Blue about me. Oh, I’m used to crazed, foaming-at-the-mouth rants about me, but this one really took the prize. Apparently there are no limits to their obsessions about me. They’re even willing to promote 9-11 conspiracy theorists, including posting […]

(Update: 1/10/12 Ventura now denies this ever happened, and claims this is not him on Twitter.) Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura confirms he got punched by a Navy Seal sniper in a bar. On Twitter: The rumors about me getting punched in the face are true, it was an unfortunate incident which could have been handled […]

Navy Seal sharpshooter Chris Kyle reluctantly telling the story of why he punched out former Governor Jesse Ventura. So that’s 255 confirmed kills and one knockdown for Kyle. (Update 1/10/12: Ventura now denies this ever happened.) (Rough language warning.) Print this entry