Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

I’m sure it’s just an amazing coincidence that the critics of Waukesha’s application for a diversion of Great Lakes water are all suffering from a form of hysterical convenient political amnesia. Over at the MacIver Institute, I wrote about how State Rep Cory Mason and his environmentalist friends must have forgotten they helped draft the […]

State Representative Cory Mason (D-Racine) is upset, upset I tell you, that security precautions are still in place at the state Capitol, possibly causing some minor inconvenience to school groups. Of course, Mason does not have anything to say about the conduct of the protestors that prevented 84 different groups, most of them school children, […]

After his office endangered his colleagues and the safety of the Capitol, State Representative Cory Mason (D-Racine) issued a press release saying his office would be open on Saturday.  From the press release: Representative Mason continued, “During this historic debate, when so many Wisconsinites have been peacefully raising their voices and asking to be heard, […]

Yeah, those classy protestors who never did any harm to the Capitol. That’s okay. I’m sure State Representative Cory Mason will be willing to give up his staff to pay for the clean-up. After all, this is what “democracy” looks like, right? Print this entry

Instead of taking time on the Assembly floor to complain about the security measures taken today, you would think State Representative Cory Mason would have apologized instead for his office endangering his colleagues and the safety of the building. I’m not sure what the legislature can do to punish their colleagues who aided last night’s […]

The MacIver Institute is handing out the awards to celebrate the end of the legislative calendar. In part one, they handed out the following: Steel Spine: Senator Tim Carpenter Spine of Jello: Senator Kathleen Vinehout Straight Talker: Senator Jeff Plale Mr. Sensitivity: Representative Pedro Colon Taxpayer Hero: Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter Raquel Rutledge Taxpayer Villain: […]

From State Representative Cory Mason’s rules for helping contributors: When a local businessman needs a favor, it helps if you can write the rules so that his company will specifically benefit. If you are confused on how to write the rules, then ask him to write the rules for you and then submit it as […]

So much of the state budget process is being conducted by the Democrats behind closed doors, it’s a wonder some of the members haven’t revolted just to gasp for fresh air. The Democrats have moved the process from a smoke-filled room to a smoke-free room, so I guess that’s some progress. Will they send up […]