Saturday, July 20th, 2019

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which has still not justified its hit on state Supreme Court Justice Rebecca Bradley’s personal life, has decided that calling Dan Bice a gossip columnist will only occur within quotation marks. For example, in this petulant piece complaining Milwaukee mayoral candidate Alderman Bob Donovan walked out of an editorial meeting, Mary […]

Brian Fraley of Edge Messaging interviewed Dan Bice of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and we learn that Bice falls asleep during public policy discussions, wanted to report that a lobbyist ended up in an interesting rolodex but the editors stopped him, and will never, ever be a good film critic. Rushmore? Seriously? Bice can now […]

I hate these stories. Dan “I don’t do policy” Bice reported on Saturday in a well-timed hit that state assembly candidate Dave Westlake once filed for bankruptcy and his home foreclosed upon. Bice loves these stories, of course. I think they’re disgusting cheap shots. “I’ve been open about my bankruptcy, which resulted in us losing […]

Apparently there is a Dan Bice parody Twitter account:   @jwigderson Do we know yet who was leaking? — Daniel Bice (@DanielBice) August 4, 2015 Wait, that was really Dan Bice? Print this entry

Okay, I’m not a big fan of politicians using clever nicknames for the opposition, but some people just have to lighten up. Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander referred to Hillary Clinton as “Ovary” and liberals are barely making it to their fainting couches. It’s a national crisis! We’re eagerly awaiting Dan Bice’s report on what […]

Comes from Stuart Taylor, “I can’t comment on my source but if some journalist is sliming the credibility of a person he thinks is my source because the man is on disability, that is stunningly dishonest and disgusting,” said Taylor. “If I were the employer of such a journalist, I would fire him.”   I’ll […]

WISN-AM radio host Jay Weber, after explaining how he knows Scott Allen, laughed at Brandon Rosner’s defense of giving money to Democratic State Rep Peter Barca: Allen likes Democrats, too. Except the Democrat Allen likes is Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.  (I commented on this last night.) You can listen to the Jay Weber podcast […]

I don’t do policy. – Political Gossip Columnist Dan Bice He can say that again. Print this entry

In case you haven’t heard yet, controversial former Democratic Party Communications Director Graeme Zielinski was arrested in June in Jefferson County for a third incidence of Operating While Intoxicated. He faces a minimum of 30 days in jail, and could get a year. We’re waiting for Democratic leadership to explain why they had a two-time […]

Governor Scott Walker fired Department of Transportation official Steven Krieser after he compared illegal immigrants to Satan on Facebook. If this is what it takes, why haven’t we combed through the Facebook postings of some other Walker Administration officials that have caused Walker embarrassment? I often hear how the immigration issue isn’t that important to […]