Tuesday, July 23rd, 2019

In an email to me this morning, State Rep Dave Craig, who announced rather quickly he is running for state senate to replace Mary Lazich, made his first promise of the campaign: “I pledge to work beside Senator Vukmir to repeal the minimum markup law in the Senate. It is hard enough providing for six […]

(Note: Headline updated to note State Rep Dave Craig is running to replace Lazich. See below.) One of the most frustrating disappointments in the state senate, Mary Lazich, has decided not to run for re-election: Today I am announcing that I am not seeking re-election. It has been an immense honor and pleasure to serve the […]

State Rep Dave Craig is not going to run for Waukesha County Executive. Craig called me today to let me know he spoke with State Sen Paul Farrow and Craig is supporting Farrow’s candidacy. Craig said he is still very passionate about Waukesha County but he is not running. RightWisconsin.com is reporting State Rep Dale […]