Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke showed up for work on Friday, the sheriff’s office announced on April 1. “It was a little odd seeing him in person,” said Fran McLaughlin, the spokesman for the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Department. “He looks taller on tv.” McLaughlin said that Clarke’s rare appearance caused a bit of a stir at […]

Oh, about what you could guess. Clarke criticized MPS strongly for including the Black Lives Matters program in the budget. “You’ve got a school system that I have described for the last decade as a sinking ship and a disaster,” Clarke said. “Kids can’t read at grade level, they can’t take a three-digit number and […]

Sure they do. What a joke. Children out here crying, terrified, trying to get into #Bucks game with their parents. @WISN12News #DontreHamilton — Ben Hutchison (@BennyHutch) December 24, 2014 Let me just add that these protesters took one trip into Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke’s jurisdiction and over 70 of them were arrested and […]

The good folks at Wisconsin Reporter caught the rantings of a rabid Graeme Zielinski about the Dontre Hamilton case. This one caught my eye: I can’t speak for the single fat white Republicans in Waukesha, but as a married fat white Republican in Waukesha I’m guessing that I’ve done more and cared more for African […]

If you were at the 2014 RightWomen Awards Dinner, you either had a really good time or you tried desperately hard not to. Hosted by RightWisconsin (where I am a contributor, of course), the party at the Pfister was a great evening for Wisconsin conservatives. The announced honoree for the evening was Wisconsin’s First Lady […]

Bruce Murphy over at the Urban Milwaukee website is already predicting Milwaukee Alderman Bob Donovan will not defeat Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in the 2016 spring election. Why can’t Donovan win a race for mayor? Let us count the reasons. For starters, no alderman has won a campaign for mayor since the election of 1910, […]

WISN-AM radio host Jay Weber, after explaining how he knows Scott Allen, laughed at Brandon Rosner’s defense of giving money to Democratic State Rep Peter Barca: Allen likes Democrats, too. Except the Democrat Allen likes is Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke.  (I commented on this last night.) You can listen to the Jay Weber podcast […]

Hey, Brandon Rosner gave money to Assembly Democrat Minority Leader Peter Barca so he knows a Democrat when he sees one. According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s  political gossip columnist Dan Bice, Rosner defended himself on the Barca matter by pointing out his opponent Scott Allen posed for pictures with Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke at […]

Over at UrbanMilwaukee, Michael Horne wants to know if Sheriff David Clarke’s ads with iNet are illegal or merely obnoxious. Plenty of Horne asked the Government Accountability Board Monday to weigh in on the matter, but a response has not yet been received at the time of this writing. However, under the state ethics code, […]

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is doing something unique, to say the least. There may have been elected officials in Wisconsin shilling for a private business on the radio like the late Paul Harvey, but I’ll be damned if I can remember it. These ads endorsing iNet of Waukesha are not parodies. These are actual […]