Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Waukesha Freeman 1/16/2014 Page A5 Opinion Democrats have bad history on drunk driving Dems need to get serious before attacking Schimel It was hard to come back from vacation in Hawaii. I missed the coldest weather of the year to enjoy free mai tais and other funny tropical drinks. Why not? I wasn’t driving. While […]

Former Democrat Party Spokesman Graeme Zielinski should be forced to take a breathalyzer test before he’s allowed to play on Twitter: .@BradSchimel @VickiMcKenna @JohnJagler Why didn’t you prosecute when @wisgop set me up? Was it partisan? @GovWalker — Graeme Zielinski (@gjzielinski) November 3, 2013   As near as anyone can figure, Zielinski seems to be […]

In case you have not been following the exchange on Twitter between Democratic Party of Wisconsin Chairman Mike Tate and myself, the good folks at RightWisconsin asked me to write about it. The exchange, less-than-civil on Tate’s part, was about former party communications director Graeme Zielinski and if he was intoxicated while speaking, or “tweeting,” […]

Disgraced former Democratic Party communications director Graeme Zielinski has been slowly returning to Twitter but modestly has avoided any mention of his recent performance in front of the camera: The best part, as others have noted, is at 12:18 when Zielinski is not being cooperative about blowing in the breathalyzer. Zielinski asked the state trooper, […]

In case you haven’t heard yet, controversial former Democratic Party Communications Director Graeme Zielinski was arrested in June in Jefferson County for a third incidence of Operating While Intoxicated. He faces a minimum of 30 days in jail, and could get a year. We’re waiting for Democratic leadership to explain why they had a two-time […]

You have to appreciate the irony. After all of his false accusations of criminal activity, former Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski is facing a charge for third time driving while intoxicated. Caught drinking like a Cubs fan.   Say it ain’t so, Grammy. Did Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate know about Zielinski’s two prior drunk […]

WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee reported Thursday night that Assembly candidate Jeanne Tarantino’s campaign aide Rachel Pecor was arrested for drunk driving on her way to pick up Tarantino’s child. It’s around 8:15 p.m. Tuesday night and Pecor was behind the wheel of this car, crossing the center line in Pewaukee. “Hi. What are you doing? You’re […]

Fortunately for the driver, his turn into the Fox River will only involve a tow truck bill and a charge of driving while intoxicated. Print this entry Editor Bruce Murphy asks if the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is too soft on certain drunk drivers after a story about local CEO John D. Emory, Jr appeared on The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did a story on it’s Wauwatosa Now website but did not name Emory. They explained to Murphy that it’s against their […]

From Waukesha Patch: Intoxicated Bicyclist Runs into Parked Squad Car While Riding in Downtown Waukesha A Waukesha man reportedly hit a parked squad car Saturday while riding a bicycle drunk—right in front of the officer. I dunno. I think the bicyclist has a good defense of entrapment, don’t you? Who put the squad car there? […]