Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

My wife and I had a reminder today that, now that my Waukesha Freeman column is gone, some of you don’t get to read as much Wiggy wisdom as you’d like. I’m going to try to keep this page updated more with my latest work. In the meantime, you can always find me at […]

The special deluxe Facebook Trumpkin edition. (Warning, strong language – JW) Maybe you know some of these people. A few points in response: 1. As an experiment, I spent $60 on Facebook to promote my newspaper column endorsing Ted Cruz. It amazes me how many people don’t understand sponsored content in their news feeds. 2. […]

Don’t take your love away from me Don’t you leave my heart in misery If you go then I’ll be blue ‘Cause breaking up his hard to do If only Neil Sedaka had Facebook back in 1962. Facebook is making that infamous awkward moment easier. No more, “It’s not you, it’s me,” or making up […]

From Bloomberg News: Eduardo Saverin, the billionaire co- founder of Facebook Inc. (FB) (FB), renounced his U.S. citizenship before an initial public offering that values the social network at as much as $96 billion, a move that may reduce his tax bill. Facebook plans to raise as much as $11.8 billion through the IPO, the […]

There’s a new group on Facebook, “Angry Progressive Network.” Really, is there any kind of Progressive other than “angry?” Oh, wait, that’s right. They “won” last night, just like Charlie Sheen. So shouldn’t they be “cheerful” Progressives? Print this entry

I’m on Facebook, too. Sometimes new readers have a little trouble with the name. Thanks Art.   Thanks Tim. That’s okay. You should see what my critics call me. Blind elephant? Is that a crack on my weight? Print this entry

Comments at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel site are often little better than the letters in Penthouse, and just as anonymous. Trying to glean the one or two worthwhile comments in that sewer is almost never worth the time. When I do read the comments, regardless of the story, I end up flagging some as inappropriate […]

Another example of how Wisconsin is slowly conquering the world, has a new article by Sean Hackbarth, a Senior Campaign Manager for CRAFT | Media / Digital, on the anniversary of Facebook’s birth and how it has changed politics. Facebook’s vast network expands a citizen’s reach beyond geography. Your friends are more than who […]

I’m a believer in rough-and-tumble primary election campaigns. I not only find primary elections where everyone is nice to each other dull but they’re also unproductive. How is the voter to know for whom to vote if neither candidate draws a contrast? So, by all means, lets have a few raised voices during the primaries, […]

This all appears as part of a bad pattern. If he says something that gets him in trouble, then it’s the fault of the person who reported it. If he doesn’t want to attend a debate, then it’s the organizers’ fault. If he doesn’t like what award-winning columnist Pete Kennedy writes, it’s because (as Scrima told Charlie Sykes) Kennedy is shallow. If University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee journalism lecturer Jessica McBride doesn’t lavish praise on Scrima, it’s because she’s taking my lead. If questions arise about Scrima’s residence, then it’s the fault of the water meter. If questions come up about voting using an incorrect address, he “didn’t realize” the registration didn’t change.