Saturday, July 20th, 2019

On the eve of what I believe is the final candidate forum in the 97th Assembly district, Waukesha Alderman Aaron Perry is reminding voters that at the last forum he was the only one to speak against raising the gas tax. From his press release today: Video of a forum held by the Republican Women […]

The following is from the Wisconsin Club for Growth Wednesday newsletter. I thought it a timely reminder of the stakes regarding the proposed tax on “big oil”, a tax even Democrats now concede will be passed along to the consumer. Passing Gas For the second straight budget, Governor Jim Doyle included a 2.5% tax on […]

Waukesha will never be confused with a late-night party town. The cows come home early here. But why do the gas pumps need to go to sleep? The gas station on the corner has “pay at the pump” like almost every other gas station, but when the station closes they turn the pumps off. Meanwhile, […]

Check out the picture before you read the article, then tell me if this is a joke. For Some Ohioans, Even Meat Is Out Of Reach Print this entry

The Wisconsin Institute for Leadership issued the following press release today: Wisconsin Lawmakers Could Move to Lower Gas Prices by Next WeekWisconsin Institute for Leadership Urges Doyle to Call Special Session to Repeal Minimum Mark Up Law[Madison, Wisc.] Gasoline prices in Wisconsin could be dramatically reduced if the state’s arcane Minimum Mark Up Law was […]