Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Waukesha Freeman 5/15/14 Page A5 Opinion Business leaders should know real cost of arena Milwaukee Bucks not worth political suicide A recent Milwaukee Business Journal article quotes members of the Waukesha County Business Alliance who are enamored with the idea of building a Taj Mahal for the Milwaukee Bucks. These business leaders also support funding […]

Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Jan 19, 2012; Section:Opinion; Page Number:6A     Winter of discontent   No case for the Walker recall   (James Wigderson is a blogger publishing at and a Waukesha resident. His column runs Thursdays in The Freeman.)     Now is the winter of our discontent, as Shakespeare wrote. With the falling snow […]

As I’m watching the Brewers play Arizona. I can’t help but think of the man who made all of this possible. Former State Senator George Petak. If it wasn’t for George, the Brewers would not be here. I know this first hand. One of the club’s owners had come to my firm to ask if […]

Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Aug 4, 2011; Section:Opinion; Page Number:8A Dems using recalls to try to regain Senate Word Thompson running for U.S. Senate indicates end of recall season in sight We are finally getting to the end of the recall election season. How do I know? Dave Blaska in Isthmus wrote, “Tommy Thompson is IN. […]

When Wisconsin Democratic State Party Chairman Mike Tate was on Upfront with Mike Gousha this weekend, he was in a studio in Washington D.C. In between the “you knows” Tate had this to say about the efforts to recall Republican state senators. “These are really citizen driven efforts. You know, I mean that the bar […]

I already predicted the margin of victory for Ron Johnson tomorrow. Let’s look at the races that directly affect the state of Wisconsin. Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker should win convincingly on Tuesday. Aside from the polls, the geography just doesn’t work for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. There is just no way for Barrett to […]