Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima issued a memo today, April 1st, changing the way the city will handle the Request for Proposal process. The new process, which we uncovered today, April 1st, is designed to have “more consideration of mayoral prerogatives,” according to sources. The memo is available online and the text is below. To: Ed […]

Waukesha Freeman, Page A5,  March 13, 2014  Scrima drama bad for city health We’re less than three weeks away from the mayoral election and Mayor Jeff Scrima has managed to create more drama. At the last minute (again) Scrima announced his opposition to the proposed health care clinic joint venture with the county and the […]

In my column for today’s Waukesha Freeman, I wrote the following: The historical society at the old courthouse is also home to the Les Paul museum exhibit. Curiously, that exhibit does not benefit from all of the GuitarTown activity that is Scrima’s favorite pastime. Scrima and his supporters use Les Paul’s body to raise money […]

They’re not even bothering to hide breaking the law to help Mayor Jeff Scrima’s campaign.   Print this entry

I almost missed this one but an alert reader reminded me to check this. I’m sure the sponsors and the donors will be thrilled to learn the mayor’s supporters have put this organization’s 501(c)3 status at risk. Maybe if someone tells the IRS that Scrima once claimed he was a conservative… But Richard Congdon is […]

Christopher Kuhagen, Mayor Jeff Scrima’s young spokesman masquerading as a reporter, has another puff piece at the Waukesha Now website promoting the mayor’s efforts to “rebrand” downtown as GuitarTown-something-something. Not one critic of the effort is quoted. Not one person who is opposed to spending the money is mentioned. None of the declared candidates for […]

YMCA owes city apology  It tore down history and put up a parking lot Waukesha Freeman September 12, 2013 Page A6 Opinion The Lovely Doreen from Waukesha and I drive past the corner all the time. Doreen often looks over at the vacant lot and sarcastically says, “Good thing they tore down that beautiful old […]

I was not able to make it myself to the GuitarTown unveiling after my recent health scare, but it does not look like there was a lot of excitement on Twitter: Of course, it’s hard to generate Twitter buzz when the last tweet by the organizers was June 5th. Print this entry

Here is the schedule of events for GuitarTown, the sequel. (Every horror picture deserves a sequel.) Really? They are going to send the Gibson Guitar tour bus driver around to speak to school children? Will the DARE program be allowed a rebuttal if any of his stories are the least bit interesting? I knew this […]

Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date: Sep 20, 2012; Section: Opinion; Page: 8A New day for BID Board has chance to restart almost from scratch Sometimes change comes swiftly. The announced resignations by several of the remaining Waukesha Business Improvement District Board members give downtown Waukesha a chance to breathe again. The new members, whoever they […]