Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Spent the day at the Milwaukee County Zoo with my family. I love the zoo, even if a soft-serve ice cream cone is $2. Next time I go I’ll remember to stick a Milwaukee County resident in the driver’s seat for admission. We rode the train at the zoo. The train, of course, is a perfect […]

Liberal writer Jim Rowen offers a blog post that I think is pretty typical of those who are opposed to legalized concealed carry in this state. Ralph Lang was planning on shooting people at an abortion clinic when a gun he had went off in his hotel room. Rowen wrote, For gun-crazy legislators trying to […]

Liberal writer Jim Rowen demonstrates again how unhinged he is on all things Waukesha. Rowen claims the city of Waukesha’s water application is incomplete because the status of the town of Waukesha’s inclusion in the water service area is “pending.” But then Rowen then goes on to make a rather fanciful claim, Water politics in […]

Wisconsin’s #1 Waukesha hater Jim Rowen reports on his blog that DNR Secretary Cathy Stepp will be taking over the management of Waukesha’s Great Lakes water application now that Bruce Baker is leaving the agency. I’m sure Rowen’s horrified, but having the DNR Secretary taking the lead role in managing the application through the process […]

“Best sound of the City? The recycling truck emptying your blue cart.” – Jim Rowen Is he really serious? I always thought the best sound of the city was the horn of a Cadillac Escalade as it chased a bicyclist off the road. Print this entry

Yep. It’s all our fault. If we didn’t drink so much, economic recovery in Wisconsin would be just around the corner. “Be Bold” as the route to Wisconsin’s recovery? How about, “Be Sober?” – Jim Rowen Tonight is New Year’s Eve. Tomorrow is the Rose Bowl, and Sunday is the Drinking Right Christmas Party. It’s […]

We could spend all of our time correcting the work of Jim Rowen if we wanted to and it still would not prevent him from repeating the same erroneous talking points about the same issues over and over again. But this is a classic: Western Wisconsin Didn’t Want High-Speed Rail? Another Scott Walker Fumble That’s […]

But two windstorms is evidence enough of global warming. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but if that’s global warming outside, it’s damn cold global warming. By the way, meteorologists that disagree with the global warming fanatics are ignored. Meteorologists that agree with them that a hot sky is falling are called, “experts.” Print this […]

A little furor today over my latest perspective piece at the MacIver Institute on the proposed bike path plan for Milwaukee, Milwaukee by Bike. An excerpt: Milwaukeeans may soon have a plan to allow them to bicycle just about everywhere on even the most crime-ridden streets. Mayor Barrett’s city may have cut back on the […]

Yes, it is true as Jim Rowen notes that Milwaukee’s water rates are indeed going up. The numbers have been known for some time and are even lower than they were projected to be a year ago. Rowen, a critic of Waukesha’s water application (and it’s fair to say, hardly a friend to our city), […]