Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

The Republican Party is sometimes called “the stupid party,” but this time they’ve outdone themselves. When the story was first broken by the LaCrosse Tribune of phony Democrats getting recruited to run in the Democratic Primaries in the recall elections, silly me, I thought it was just a bunch of cranks. Instead it turns out […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s failed experiment at playing fact checker of politicians finally found an error worth commenting on – their own. When Governor Scott Walker requested federal funds for the Hiawatha line between Chicago and Milwaukee, they originally rated it as a “half-flip” in the governor’s position. However, Politifact, without any explanation of the […]

Despite spending much more than the other candidates for Milwaukee County Executive, leftwing philanthropist Chris Abele was only able to finish second in the primary with 25% of the vote. Former Democratic State Senator Jim Sullivan almost caught Abele with 22% of the vote. Meanwhile, Republican State Representative Jeff Stone was able to bring home […]

I already predicted the margin of victory for Ron Johnson tomorrow. Let’s look at the races that directly affect the state of Wisconsin. Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker should win convincingly on Tuesday. Aside from the polls, the geography just doesn’t work for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. There is just no way for Barrett to […]

Cory Liebmann, formerly of the self-described “partisan” organization One Wisconsin Now, has sent an unbelievably large open records request to State Representative Leah Vukmir’s office. Among the targets of this fishing expedition is, well, me. 1. All email from 7/1/08 through 1/20/10 for Rep. Vukmir, Dean Cady and Matthew Adamczyk (only in his capacity working […]

Early last year, Democratic sources were wondering whether Vukmir would give up her Assembly seat to challenge Sullivan. They had a right to be concerned.

Despite an Assembly ban on fundraising during the state budget deliberations last year, in the last campaign finance reporting period Vukmir raised over $73,000 more than the incumbent Sullivan. Worse for Sullivan, 60 percent of Vukmir’s contributors live in the Senate district. Only 18 percent of Sullivan’s contributors live in the district.

Sullivan has a slight lead in cash on hand, $94,310.71 to Vukmir’s $84,212.02, but Vukmir has already spent $37,770.78. Sullivan’s report shows a campaign not yet up to speed. In the same reporting period, Sullivan only spent $6,571.30.

In an interview Tuesday night, Vukmir said, “Even in this difficult economy, people are eager to give.”

Publication: Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:2010 Jan 07; Section:Opinion; Page Number: 8A Listecki faces challenges as archbishop The Milwaukee Archdiocese is blessed with another archbishop. As Jerome Listecki was installed as archbishop of Milwaukee at St. John’s Cathedral in Milwaukee on Monday, he must have wondered if some of the challenges facing him were right in […]

Politicians can’t always control who endorses them.  However, they can control who they endorse.  State Senator Jim Sullivan might live to regret this endorsement.  Fresh from her speaking engagement at the very left-wing “Fighting Bob Fest”, Lt. Governor Barbara Lawton announced yesterday Sullivan endorsed her for governor: ”Barbara Lawton has my full support for governor,” said […]

I was cc’ed on the following announcement by Vince Schmuki from WIN, the group behind the failed effort to recall Governor Doyle: TO THE W.I.N. MEMBERSHIP/ RECALL DOYLE TEAM and Media: If the news as reported in today’s Journal Sentinel turns out to be true, give all of yourselves a collective pat on the back. […]

State Senator Jim Sullivan was the lone State Senate Democrat to vote against the state budget. The budget passed anyway. If there wasn’t already pressure on him because of the recall effort, would he have voted for the budget? And would that have made him easier to defeat next year? We may never know. I […]