Saturday, July 20th, 2019

“Hagen was the only one in that room who knew the identity of the portraits hanging on the dark paneled walls. They were mostly portraits of fabulous financial figures done in rich oils. One was of Secretary of the Treasury Hamilton. Hagen could not help thinking that Hamilton might have approved of this peace meeting […]

Governor Scott Walker made a surprise announcement today, April 1st, that he will not seek re-election. Walker told the stunned members of the capital press corps, all three of them, that he will instead pursue a career as an Indian Casino gaming manager. “After studying and studying the casino business for the last year trying […]

Waukesha Freeman 11/14/2013 Page A5 Opinion Walker’s waffling on casino unworthy Time to make a decision So much for deadlines. It’s a good thing Gov. Scott Walker isn’t a newspaper columnist because we sailed right past his original deadline on a casino decision into a waffle time warp. (The Waukesha Freeman’s copy editor is laughing […]

The always subtle Sara Conrad in her quiet, demure way of expressing herself, asks Governor Scott Walker to come to a decision on the proposed Kenosha casino: Seriously….MAKE A DAMN DECISION. It’s an effing CASINO…not tearing down the damn Berlin Wall or figuring out how to disarm Iran. Nut up, Governor. You sure weren’t dosey […]