Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball report says 40% support for Texas Senator Ted Cruz may be enough to win the Wisconsin primary: If support in Wisconsin for Cruz has indeed consolidated at or around 40%, that might be enough for him to not just win the Badger State overall but also to capture many of its […]

So now we get the one-on-one contest Republicans wanted, even if it isn’t the preferred match up.Texas Senator Ted Cruz versus the reality television star Donald Trump, with Ohio Governor John Kasich still running just enough of a campaign to screw things up. Larry Sabato gazes into the Crystal Ball and sees trouble for the […]

I always took the breakup of the Whig Party personally for some reason. (We’ll pause to let the Trump voters catch up.) Over the past few months I’ve made references to the Know-Nothing Party, a brief but interesting part of American history that is often forgotten. In Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball report, indispensable weekly reading […]

No campaign exists in a vacuum. Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball explains in two maps how the battle for the control of the US Senate changes. It’s a Trumpmare for the Republicans. Here is the current scenario: Now look at the map if Trump is the GOP nominee: And then it gets worse: Obviously, the map […]

Kyle Kondik, the managing editor of Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball Report, explains why they are calling Senator Ron Johnson the most vulnerable incumbent senator in 2016: Early attention has focused on the three most reliably Democratic states of the seven mentioned above: Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. It is right to assume that there’s not much […]

The respected Crystal Ball report from University of Virginia Professor Larry Sabato puts Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and former Florida Governor Jeb Bush at the top tier of Republican candidates seeking the presidential nomination: For nearly two years we’ve been ranking the GOP presidential contenders, and we’ve only had two names in the No. 1 […]

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball report projects small gains for Republicans in the House of Representatives next year. At this very early point in the 2014 race for the U.S. House, small Republican gains — as in, less than five seats — look likelier than a similarly small gain for Democrats. That’s because the Republican targets […]

Larry Sabato at the University of Virginia Center for Politics took a long look at Governor Scott Walker. Sabato’s Crystal Ball Report puts Walker in the top tier of Republican presidential candidates. To us, though, there is one name that stands out just a little bit more than the rest, even though he isn’t currently […]

Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball Report is already predicting Democrats will gain seats in the House of Representatives in 2014 despite the normal midterm tendency for the President’s party to lose seats. Senior Columnist Alan Abramowitz writes, Given the historical pattern of midterm losses by the president’s party, is there any reason for Democrats to be […]

If you subscribed to Charlie Sykes’ you already received a link to his blog post to election predictions by Fred Barnes and Peggy Noonan. Sykes also includes an electoral college map predicting the outcome by a certain pundit we all know and love. On the flip side, widely respected Larry Sabato predicts an Obama […]