Friday, July 19th, 2019

Is it possible the Madison school district will finally use the tools of Act 10 to save money by making teachers contribute to their health care premiums? As I report at, the answer is “sort of.” Under the proposal discussed at a preliminary budget meeting Monday night, a “differentiated premium contribution plan” would require […]

Our friends at RightWisconsin asked Dave Blaska, Jerry Bader and me to join their editor Collin Roth in talking about who and what are on the ballot today. I actually put on my prognosticator pundit hat on (always dangerous) and predicted the outcomes of a number of elections in Waukesha. One race I touched on […]

Madison – AFD News – Less than a week before Election Day, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin made a startling admission in an exclusive interview with AFD News. Soglin said, “I am sick and tired of the whiny protesters. Sick, sick, sick. Why don’t all of the stupid hippies just move to Portland?” For Soglin, the […]

So now we know why Tony Robinson was physically assaulting people the day he died, and why he may have attacked the police officer sent to stop him. Which of his “friends” will step forward to claim responsibility for giving Robinson the mushrooms that led to his death? Because when a police officer is forced […]

In response to this blog post regarding this posting at RightWisconsin, I received the following email from “John Scott,” verbatim: It seems if you can refer to the “morons in Madison”  I can refer to you as “that fat slob in Waukesha”? Keep up the good workof reinforcing my view of you as a hypocrite […]

Yep, Mary Burke is running for re-election to the Madison school board. The article does not ask the obvious question: how much will Burke spend to win? Considering that the amount she spent the first time was an issue, both in that race and in the race for governor, why wouldn’t the Wisconsin State Journal […]

WISN’s Mark Belling broke the story this afternoon of state senate sergeant at arms office hiring Jamie Mulry who openly bragged about breaking into the Capitol during the protests. One would normally think that behavior would preclude her from working for someone charged with protecting the state senate. Who is doing the background checks there? […]

As Newt Gingrich once said about the Occupy Movement protesters, “Go get a job after you take a bath.” According to a new study, a person’s politics may dictate the way they smell: In the study, 125 participants rated the attractiveness of smells from strong liberals and strong conservatives, but the participants couldn’t see the […]

Waukesha Freeman August 21, 2014 Page A6 Opinion Liberal tantrums have no end  Ryan’s book targeted for vandalism I have yet to meet the proverbial white angry male at Republican gatherings or at tea party events. Not even the proverbial white angry female. Or, at least if I have, they seem to have left their […]

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