Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Mickey Kaus explains what should really worry congressional Democrats after last night’s special election loss in New York: It’s not that Israel and gay marriage emerged as medium sized ”wedge issues” (translation: issues) that drove some Democrats in a quirky district heavily populated by Orthodox Jews to vote for Republican Bob Turner. Few other districts look like NY-9. […]

Mickey Kaus caught this buried lede over at Politico: Obama aides say they are also likely to be involved in efforts to recall GOP state legislators in Wisconsin and in pushing for the rollback of SB-5, the Ohio law curtailing some collective bargaining rights of state employees. Print this entry

Mickey Kaus wonders if the latest White House foreign policy euphemism could be a little more euphemistic. According to the WSJ, the Obama White House has decided on a new phrase to distinguish its latest Middle East policy from old-style “regime change.” Instead of pushing for immediate regime change—as it did to varying degrees in Egypt and now Libya—the U.S. […]

Civility is boring! Who knew? It was way more invigorating when people cheered and shouted “You Lie!” Next time, rigorously separate the parties and give them cheerleaders with megaphones. Yes, boring SOTUs sometimes play well with the electorate. But what about the people who have to cover them? – Mickey Kaus Print this entry

“Orszag leaving before the curve hits the fan.” – Mickey Kaus, on the report Peter Orszag is leaving the Obama Administration Print this entry

Pundit and US Senate candidate in California Mickey Kaus wonders if the disclosure requirements on radio ads are really just a way of bullying the campaigns. Just cut some radio spots. How annoying is it that in a 30 second spot, 5 seconds are words dictated by the government: “Paid for by Kaus for Senate” and […]

WISN’s Mark Belling endorsed Jeff Scrima because of Mayor Larry Nelson’s support for the RTA. Does anyone know Scrima’s actual position on the issue? Or is he still listening? Here’s another good question. If Mayor Larry Nelson loses to Jeff Scrima in conservative Waukesha in part because of the shoes he wears, will Dave Westlake […]

People might remember what you say. Print this entry

Turns out Andrew Sullivan relies upon ghost writers more than Sarah Palin. One of his “ghost bloggers” at the Atlantic, Patrick Appel, just outed Sullivan as having multiple personalities when writing: As always, it a pleasure to step in while Andrew gets some much needed rest. Guest-blogging is not all that different than my day-to-day […]