Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

With the Reverend Jesse Jackson coming to Milwaukee Friday afternoon, I thought a reminder of what I wrote earlier this week for RightWisconsin about the Dontre Hamilton protests would be timely. When violent crime happens in Milwaukee, nobody is going to call the “Coalition for Justice” to solve the crime. Nobody is looking to Jennifer […]

Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander has a message of support for the police and sharp criticism for the protesters. Print this entry

Waukesha Freeman 12/24/14 Page A8 Opinion Time to stop the protests Left’s rhetoric claims two victims It’s cliché now to remember Shakespeare’s words that this is our winter of discontent. But if it is, then will glorious summer, in King Richard III’s words, be long in coming? Of course they recently dug up the king’s […]

Yeah, those protesters were really peaceful: I wonder if they’re proud of themselves now. So many of the protests, when they weren’t cover for criminal activity, have been just tantrum throwing, self-aggrandizement and attention seeking. Since the left’s favorite tactic is shock the chants for calling for cops to die are not surprising. Two New […]

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting that Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele will again propose allowing the Milwaukee Police Department to patrol Milwaukee County Parks: Abele also said he’ll include a revised version of his plan to have city cops take over lakefront and other park patrols, a move rejected for 2013 by the County […]

By the way, if Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett wants to stop the “civil war,” how about he starts with his own city? Left wing protestors clashed with the Milwaukee Police Department after they ignored police orders not to block the entire street during their protest march. The MacIver Institute has the video: [Milwaukee, Wisc…] Violence […]

Patrick at Badger Blogger reports that there may have been more trouble with the Milwaukee Police Department’s communications system on Christmas Eve. This time it was the phone system (more info in the comments section). Good thing there wasn’t a car accident near the Hoan Bridge or anything that might have required the involvement of […]

The Asian Badger wonders how many government employees it takes to screw in the development lightbulb: 200 people on the payroll at the Milwaukee business development office? Assuming the above isn’t a typo, that’s just moronic. What the hell could 200 people possibly have to do and justify a paycheck? It’s not like they’ve had […]

Hey, I’ve seen ugly Ugly is the Detroit Airport. Ugly is the recent behavior by the Left in Pittsburgh. I wouldn’t exactly call what happened on Sunday at Serb Hall “ugly.” How about, not pretty, and really stupid? Citizens for Responsible Government held a public meeting on Sunday at Serb Hall to cheerlead Milwaukee County […]

Members of the Walker’s Point business community are hosting a fundraiser event this Saturday from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM to benefit police officers officers Bryan Norberg and Graham Kunisch who were shot multiple times on June 9th in the Walker’s Point area. Members of the Walker’s Point businesses community are organizing TYMPD (Thank You, […]