Monday, August 26th, 2019

No, I couldn’t improve on the MacIver Institute headline. They covered the $15 minimum wage protest today as it marched to Little Caesars. Bill Osmulski asked the one employee that joined the protest if she crossed the Rubicon with her employer. j Print this entry

Waukesha Freeman 3/19/15 Page A5 Opinion Lecture less in Seattle Spare us the race relations talk with our java Can I just get a cup of coffee without the lecture? Starbucks is considering using their baristas to engage customers on the subject of race. According to Fortune, the campaign will start with full-page newspaper ads […]

I’m criticized in a letter to the editor in Thursday’s Waukesha Freeman for criticizing Patton. No, not this guy: This guy: Our friends at SOPHIA have leapt to Alderman Roger Patton’s defense from a perceived slight: Wigderson’s attack on Alderman Patton highly offensive To the editor: In response to James Wigderson’s Dec. 4 column, we […]

Waukesha Freeman Page A6 Opinion,  November 20, 2014 Patton’s folly Living wage law is economic fantasy So, the good news is Waukesha Alderman Roger Patton’s proposal to increase the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour is dead on arrival. State law prevents local communities from enacting their own minimum wage ordinances. The state law is […]

The purpose of this fight is not to hash out economic questions related to low-income people. The purpose of the fight is the fight: There is no minimum wage high enough to keep the Democrats from introducing an increase next year, because the point of bills hiking the minimum wage is to force Republicans to […]

Waukesha Freeman Opinion Page A6 12/5/2013 Have a burger, support a worker  Don’t give in to SEIU protesters Fast-food workers around the country will be encouraged by the Service Employees International Union’s front organizations to walk off their jobs today to demand $15 per hour, over double the current minimum wage of $7.25/hour. The workers […]

At the MacIver Institute this week, I take the reader a little bit deeper into the numbers on who earns the minimum wage, and what is beyond the demand for $15 per hour. An excerpt: But what the supporters of a “living wage” minimum wage fail to understand is that the minimum wage was not […]

We’ve been having some fun with Assembly Speaker Mike Sheridan’s affair with a lobbyist, but there are real consequences for Wisconsin, as the MacIver Institute’s Brian Fraley points out, There are two scenarios as to how the next few days/weeks will play out, and neither one is good for Wisconsin’s business community. Scenario one has […]