Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

Denis Boyles in The Corner is enjoying much cooler temperatures in France, and that leads to some cool-headed thinking about an op-ed in the New York Times on global warming: Do “climate scientists” measure global warming by looking at ten-year cycles? Maybe, but it makes you wonder about “the first decade of the last century,” […]

The Republican Party is sometimes called “the stupid party,” but this time they’ve outdone themselves. When the story was first broken by the LaCrosse Tribune of phony Democrats getting recruited to run in the Democratic Primaries in the recall elections, silly me, I thought it was just a bunch of cranks. Instead it turns out […]

From National Review Online, The Corner, Ramesh Ponnuru offers A Word of Advice for Mitt Romney  If you must issue a press release about how you’re going to release a plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, don’t title a section “Mitt Romney’s 2012 Principles for Healthcare Reform.” That might lead people to ask tricky questions […]

Henry Olsen at National Review Online did a great analysis of the state Supreme Court election results in Wisconsin and notes some possible harbingers of trouble: While his victory was encouraging, Prosser won only because turnout among Milwaukee’s black voters was significantly lower than the statewide average, and because his percent of the minority vote […]

There’s a new myth, thanks to Rick Ungar at Forbes, being spread by the left that somehow state employee pensions are not a burden on the taxpayer. This is almost as good as the lie that there is no budget crisis. Christian Schneider posts in the Corner at National Review Online a response, The Wisconsin […]

If a Republican aspires to build his name recognition in states with early primaries, there are two ways to do this. The traditional way is to travel there and give speeches; a less common method is to accomplish goals that please conservatives across the country. – Jim Geraghty, National Review Online Print this entry

“…a healthy respect for the persistent reality of substantive disagreement is actually an essential part of the conservative worldview, because it is a function of a belief in the permanent limits of human reason.” –Yuval Levin Print this entry

WPRI’s Christian Schneider was allowed to go inside the Johnson campaign as it happened. You can read parts one, two and three. Bonus for Schneider, his inside look at the Johnson campaign also made National Review. Print this entry

…unfortunately. I shouldn’t have to scream at my computer monitor while doing the dishes and watching tonight’s debate between Democratic Senator Russ Feingold and Oshkosh businessman Ron Johnson, but that’s what I found myself doing a couple of times. Johnson definitely put in a better performance Friday night, although once again he escaped without any […]

Conservative author/writer Joe Sobran died yesterday.  He was 64.  Sobran, a senior editor at National Review, left the magazine due to controversy after being accused of anti-Semitism.  He continued to associate himself with Holocaust denier David Irving.  If Sobran was not anti-Semitic, he certainly leaned that way and he supported anti-Semites. Four years ago, Wisconsin Forum, a […]