Monday, August 26th, 2019

Each year I make a list of predictions, and each year we examine where I went wrong. Unfortunately the end of the Mayan calendar did not mean the end of the world, so we have 50 predictions to sort through. It might be easier to don the sackcloth and walk barefoot through Canterbury while being […]

Meghan McCain takes on the boob fashion police. Artificial big breasts are in, but natural big breasts are out, and she doesn’t think that’s right. Last week, Heidi Montag was on the cover of People magazine after going through an astounding 10 plastic surgeries—including a second round of breast implants. This time around, the 23-year-old […]

Focus on Tiger’s golf swing, not his personal life  (James Wigderson is a blogger publishing at and a Waukesha resident. His column runs Thursdays in The Freeman.)      I don’t think I had an athlete role model when I was growing up. The closest would have been Roger Staubach. Then I learned he didn’t let […]

Meredith Baxter, thrice-married, has made the lesbian-coming-out career move. “…It never once occurred to me that I was gay.” What’s so unique about this that People Magazine even bothers to cover it? Will the publicity boost Baxter’s career? Unlikely. Ellen has a daytime talkshow, and the Bono kid upped the ante with a sex change. […]

Once again, People Magazine did not name me the sexiest man alive. The first dozen times I was passed over, I thought it was just an oversight. Now I’m beginning to think it’s intentional. I even had the shameless publicity department send them a picture of me in a Speedo, and they passed me over […]

Missed the list again. I must be the 130th. People Magazine lists the sexiest men alive, and once again I was passed over. This year, they even picked a foreigner. It’s the accent, right? After all, how many times were Sean Connery and Mel Gibson picked ahead of me? Ya know, there are plenty of […]

Is Senator Barack Obama overexposed? Oh yeah, like expensive camera film when the dark room door opens suddenly*. Like Paris Hilton with a hidden video camera running. Like Britney Spears climbing into a limo. Like a guest on the Jerry Springer Show. He’s that overexposed. With Election Day still three months away, 48 percent said […]

Once again People named their list of the 100 most beautiful people (ht: Althouse) , and I was overlooked once again. I was about to fire my publicist Pedro when ICE cleared out his rooming house. I knew he was a bargain at less-than-minimum wage, but you know what they say about jobs that Americans […]