Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

It’s not right when campus leftists shut down speeches, and it’s not right when “our side” does it. Incensed that the talk was being held in Spanish (English speakers were offered headphones), anti-amnesty activists in the crowd refused to allow Gutiérrez to speak. “U-S-A, U-S-A!” they chanted, while Bass’s staff vainly tried to restore order. […]

Waukesha Freeman 12/24/14 Page A8 Opinion Time to stop the protests Left’s rhetoric claims two victims It’s cliché now to remember Shakespeare’s words that this is our winter of discontent. But if it is, then will glorious summer, in King Richard III’s words, be long in coming? Of course they recently dug up the king’s […]

Yeah, those protesters were really peaceful: I wonder if they’re proud of themselves now. So many of the protests, when they weren’t cover for criminal activity, have been just tantrum throwing, self-aggrandizement and attention seeking. Since the left’s favorite tactic is shock the chants for calling for cops to die are not surprising. Two New […]

Driving through Madison yesterday looking for the Oregon trail (alternate to Hwy 18), it occurred to me why I would never make a good legislator, or even a legislative aide. My wife, the Lovely Doreen from Waukesha, jokingly suggested we stop at Ian’s Pizza. That’s when it hit me. If I had been working in […]

Some threats are easier to live with than others. (Warning, Madison leftists love foul language. It makes them feel what they’re saying is important.) Somehow I don’t think Republican legislators are missing anything. By the way, what a nice way for our lefty protesters in Madison to talk about our veterans on Veterans Day. Such […]

Collin Roth at RightWisconsin criticizes Iron County District Attorney Marty Lipske for not being able to find the protestors that attacked a mining site earlier this year. Tens of thousands have witnessed the video of the eco-terror raid. The video was posted by the attackers online. The one individual in custody was discovered at the […]

While our left-wing friends are complaining about song lyrics and jackboot Capitol police tactics, the Solidarity Singers continue to believe they are not only above the law, they are the law. Over at RightWisconsin this week, I explain just who are the real fascists in the Capitol. Print this entry

There were more arrests in the Capitol today because the protesters refused to take out a permit. However, there were no arrests yesterday because a local television station took out a permit to prove that the process is very easy. There were no arrests of people singing in the Capitol on Monday because they had […]

Just fill out the form Conservatives are better Capitol singers Waukesha Freeman Page A6 Opinion 8/1/13 On Monday, former Tommy Thompson speechwriter and current conservative pundit Dave Blaska led a rare act of civil obedience in Madison. He got a permit to demonstrate in the Capitol and used it. Blaska, with the help of social […]

Blogger brother Dave Blaska is organizing his own sing-along on Monday from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM in the Capitol rotunda, and he has a permit. Sing patriotic songs like America the Beautiful and fun songs like Gilligan’s Island and Flintstones. Show Wisconsin what respect for free speech looks — and sounds — like. Because […]