Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Our Madison bureau chief MD Kittle filled in for Jay Weber today on WISN-AM. Besides doing a hilarious impression of The Count from Sesame Street helping Jill Stein count ballots, Kittle interviewed Mark Mix, president of the National Right to Work Committee, about an article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel lamenting the loss of […]

On Friday, Dane County Judge William Foust struck down Wisconsin’s Right to Work law as unconstitutional. Over at the MacIver Institute, I explain why Foust’s ruling is ridiculous and why it will be overturned. I also point out how the Democrats aren’t even trying to make a case to defend Foust’s decision. Assembly Minority Leader […]

Assembly Speaker Robin Vos posted a letter on Facebook he received concerning the Right to Work law. It’s a classic: Vos asks, “Perhaps this is why so few people want to run for public office?” By the way, it’s a Milwaukee postmark, not Madison. Print this entry

Waukesha Freeman 3/12/15 Page A6 Opinion Obama statement only helps Walker Attack about politics, not policy The least surprising news about the passage of right-to-work is that the unions are suing. The Wisconsin AFL-CIO and other unions are taking the law to a Dane County court. Once the appeals process takes the case outside of […]

I want to comment on a blog post that appeared at the liberal blog Blogging Blue. No, not this post, but this one. Despite the inevitability of {Right to Work} being passed I got several emails from the party saying we can fight and stop the bill and then asking for a donation. I got […]

Wisconsin Democrats are claiming that the NFL players are on their side in the Right to Work debate. I would just caution the Democrats that, just because the union gave them Ed Garvey, the players association is not a winning ally. Over at the MacIver Institute I explain why: With the support of the NFLPA […]

Waukesha Freeman February 26, 2015 Page A6 Opinion The right to be melodramatic Protesters take logic, actions to extreme Passage of right-to-work legislation will not mean the end of the world. What it will mean is that workers will have more freedom, the right to choose whether to pay dues to a union that may […]

Walker’s virtual second term He has a mandate for growth Waukesha Freeman, Page a6, Opinion, 1/17/13 On Tuesday, Governor Scott Walker gave what could be considered his second inaugural address. The “State of the State” address follows a year of tumult in Wisconsin, including multiple elections and even an unprecedented attempted recall of Walker. After […]

The police in Lansing are not saying, “pretty please with sugar on top,” when controlling the protesters at the Capitol. One protester decided to try to push a police officer and then grab the baton. Not a smart move. Good thing there is a list of union-made pain relievers. Print this entry

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is lying about Governor Scott Walker’s support for private sector unions. Gubernatorial candidate Tom Barrett charged Tuesday that, if re-elected to office, Gov. Scott Walker would finish an assault against public workers begun during his first 15 months in office and turn Wisconsin into a right-to-work state. “There is absolutely no […]