Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

On Tuesday, RightWisconsin ran a piece by me (yes, subscription required) talking about my thoughts on professional baseball and Ryan Braun. It’s been a long road towards alienation for me, which probably says something about the love I once had for the game. Here’s part: I was at the 2002 All Star Game Home Run […]

Each year I make a list of predictions, and each year we examine where I went wrong. Unfortunately the end of the Mayan calendar did not mean the end of the world, so we have 50 predictions to sort through. It might be easier to don the sackcloth and walk barefoot through Canterbury while being […]

The newspaper is full of good restaurant news today. Mayor Jeff Scrima’s father, Joe Scrima, is bringing Scrima’s Pizza back to Waukesha. His cousins retired from the pizza-making business in the late 1990s after 40 years of serving Waukesha residents, and Scrima said now it’s time to fill the void in people’s hearts and taste […]

Ryan Braun has agreed to a seven-year deal with the Milwaukee Brewers. You can watch the press conference here. Print this entry