Monday, August 26th, 2019

Waukesha Freeman 1/7/2016 Page A6 Opinion Freedom from Religion group appeals to bigotry Co-president plays on fear of Muslim violence in letter In a letter to the Waukesha Freeman, the copresident of the Madison-based Freedom from Religion Foundation has declared state Rep. Scott Allen’s Christmas message to be a humbug. Annie Laurie Gaylor thinks Allen […]

Waukesha Freeman Page A6 Opinion Room in public square for message of love Allen’s Christmas message riles atheists Get the smelling salts and the fainting couch. The atheists in Madison are having a case of the vapors. They don’t know whether to be angry or extremely angry, but they know they do not like state […]

State Rep Scott Allen is ready to throw the third switch on campaign finance. What’s more, he’s right. From his press release: While the task is monumental and the efforts by the authors are commendable, unfortunately the resulting bill comes up short. Court rulings have found in favor of free speech and yet the bill […]

Rep. Scott Allen Statement on the closing of GE Waukesha Disappointment was my first reaction of the news about GE shutting down its engine manufacturing functions at the Waukesha Power and Water facility. In a press release, and substantiated by my conversation with GE corporate spokesperson, Patrick Theisen, this afternoon, GE wishes to blame the […]

Waukesha Freeman September 3, 2015 Page 6A Opinion Sunset Homes too big to fail Close vote a chance to do over The residents of the Sunset Homes Condominiums were not disappointed Tuesday. City staff recommended an amendment to an existing tax incremental district (TID) to loan the condo board $1.6 million to fix up the […]

Today’s winner for the unintentionally funniest Facebook post goes to State Rep Scott Allen: And remember, don’t go to a bank for a private loan to do home improvements. Get the city to make an uncollateralized low-interest loan from TID funds instead. Print this entry

Good lord. Everytime we hear more details, the proposed loan by the city of Waukesha to the condo board at Sunset Homes sounds worse. Attempting to defend the deal State Rep Scott Allen let Mark Belling’s listeners know that the loan will be “guaranteed” by the condominium owner fees collected by the condo association and not any […]

On Wednesday, WISN’S Mark Belling talked again about the proposed city loan to Sunset Homes, a rundown condo development in financial trouble, focusing on the support from State Rep Scott Allen. Belling says the issue is a real embarrassment to Allen, and calls the loan, “close to socialism.” “All I can assume is that Scott […]

Six local state legislators co-authored a letter to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in support of Waukesha’s application to use (and return) water from Lake Michigan. They are State Representatives Adam Neylon, Scott Allen, Jessie Rodriguez, and Ken Skowronski; and State Senators Chris Kapenga and Mary Lazich. The legislators also point out what is […]

Waukesha Freeman July 30, 2015 Page A6 Opinion Slam dunk and a foul Kapenga steady on arena debate but Allen flips  So we have a tale of two legislators, although I would not call them the best and the worst. State Rep. Chris Kapenga voted against public funding of a new arena for the Milwaukee […]