Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

At the US Chamber of Commerce website, our friend Sean Hackbarth has a nice article about Wisconsin sand mining and where it goes. If you had told our ancestors that Wisconsin sand would be valuable, they would have locked you up. Now it’s a valuable resource and promises to be for a long time – […]

Congratulations to our friend and Wisconsin expatriate Sean Hackbarth for winning the 2013 Non-Profit Blogger of the Year award at CPAC. Sean wrote for many years, “The American Mind” blog, before moving out to Washington DC. He know blogs on the importance of free trade and free markets at the US Chamber of Commerce’s The […]

Atlas Shrugged -The Movie Trilogy may have a Cop Rock ending. The Daily Caller is reporting the third part of the trilogy may be a musical. In a wide-ranging interview with The Daily Caller to be published Friday, John Aglialoro, the producer of the movie adaptation of the classic Ayn Rand novel “Atlas Shrugged,” hinted […]

Another example of how Wisconsin is slowly conquering the world, has a new article by Sean Hackbarth, a Senior Campaign Manager for CRAFT | Media / Digital, on the anniversary of Facebook’s birth and how it has changed politics. Facebook’s vast network expands a citizen’s reach beyond geography. Your friends are more than who […]

A Twitter conversation about Nirvana and whether the rock act was overrated resulted in this blog post by Sean Hackbarth: A Twitter chat tonight with @LizMair, @ToddThurman, @CalebHowe, and others involved the supposed greatness of Nirvana. There’s no doubt they altered popular music for the better when Nevermind was unleased in 1991. But they’re also the most overrated band […]

There’s not a whole lot to add to what Kevin Binversie and Sean Hackbarth wrote about the left’s campaign to stop Rush Limbaugh from becoming part owner of the St Louis Rams. Limbaugh had to know his bid would be controversial, especially after his stint with ESPN. It was almost as if he never really […]

All the cool conservative kids are using Twitter, according to Sean Hackbarth at the American Mind. He recommends this article with its list of the 200 conservatives to follow (and not just because he made the list). If you don’t know what Twitter is, Cnet News has a guide for people new to Twitter. Meanwhile, […]

Ann Althouse even calls them “candy-asses.” The Huffington Post is having an attack of the vapors because Governor Palin is answering questions from reporters while turkeys (you know, next Thursday’s dinner) are getting slaughtered in the background. I think Sean Hackbarth may have a small point about needing a Mike Deaver to better set these […]

Sean Hackbarth at the American Mind remembers Dean Barnett. Barnett was 41 years old. In the primaries while I toiled away for Fred Thompson Dean tapped away for his guy, Mitt Romney. Dean was fair and honest for his guy which made it really easy to read him. Conservative blogger to Mitt Romney’s driver to […]

I had hoped to be in Minneapolis/St Paul myself next week, but a sequence of events this summer conspired against me. It’s a conspiracy, I tell ya! Unfortunately family and work priorities had to come first. As someone who has been to a Republican National Convention (New Orleans ’88), I can tell you they are […]