Saturday, July 20th, 2019

…and they ain’t driving Harleys, either. The Waukesha Business Improvement District is looking for people to host bike riders in their homes for the Carl Zach Cycling Classic. Guess they won’t all be staying at the Clarke Hotel. From the Waukesha BID newsletter: Host a Biker for the Carl Zach Cycling ClassicBike racers from aroud […]

One of the hazards of running for office is the “unwanted endorsement.” The endorsement from a person or entity with whom you would not wish to be associated under any circumstances. For example, I am sure Dr. Van Mobley did not want to hear the kind words of John Nichols, one of the editors of […]

Former Madison Mayor Paul Soglin complains snow plowing just ain’t as good as when he was mayor. He then suggests, screw downtown, plow him out first. Forget about plowing downtown. Bring the plows to the east, north, south and west sides where they can operate quickly and efficiently. The next few weeks will become more […]

You show me yours and… you show me yours. Mine will stay zipped up. Over at, I summarize the Soglin/Cap Times/WMC controversy. By the way, as a means of full disclosure, I have received $0.00 in donations since starting this blog. (You bunch of cheap bastards.) Therefore I have no conflicts of interest. Using […]

From: James Wigderson Sent: Tuesday, July 08, 2008 8:43 AMTo: Dave ZweifelSubject: Soglin op-ed and quotes in articles Mr. Zweifel: Looking through the recent archives of the Capital Times concerning former Mayor Soglin and his battle with Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce, I don’t see it mentioned by the Capital Times that Soglin is actually getting […]

Former Madison Mayor Paul Soglin almost seems hurt by the suggestion that anyone would be curious about who is funding his obsession with Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce. Like the Great Oz, he asks us not to peer behind the curtain as he thunders and smokes. His justification for keeping secrets is that we should be […]

Brian Fraley catches former Madison Mayor Paul Soglin comparing conservative Republicans unfavorably with the left-wing radical bombers of the Weather Underground. The people who are financially backing Soglin’s efforts to try and silence the Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce must love it when he goes off the deep end like this. Print this entry

McCarthyism. This Fraley, borrowing from the worst of the Communists, under the guise of freedom, allows the accused of making choices, choices from his limited world view. Butler’s loss to Gableman has certainly caused some strange results on the Left. Print this entry

Former Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, paid agent of the forces of darkness to try to defeat WMC, is engaging in voter suppression.As Edward B. Foley, Director of Election Law, Moritz College of Law noted: Voters can be prevented from potentially voting for the other candidate (1) by direct threats of intimidation, (2) by suppressing turnout […]

Pretty damn funny. But just to remind you the blog is all about me, The former Madison mayor and summertime biking blogger raised more than a few hackles on Wednesday when he complained about his encounters with winter bicyclists following the pair of snowstorms last Saturday and Tuesday. “The bicyclists who braved the week’s second […]