Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

UW-Madison has winnowed the list of candidates for the open spokesman position to just three people. Unfortunately, one of the three finalists is an Obama campaign hack. Over at RightWisconsin, I explain why that’s just a bad idea for a university struggling to get along with a Republican legislature. Universities should not be the golden […]

In Missouri, a new law has been proposed that could make relations between lawmakers and lobbyists a little more complicated: A bill introduced this week in the Missouri House of Representatives would require lobbyists to report sexual relations with state lawmakers or members of their staff to the state ethics commission. The legislation, first reported […]

Over at RightWisconsin, I have an update on the proposed change to the liquor distribution law that would benefit wholesalers to the cost of everyone else. Republicans are considering inserting the provision in the budget through the Joint Finance Committee at the last minute. The Wisconsin Sunday-after-church Bloody Mary could get a lot more expensive. […]

Over at RightWisconsin, I report on the resurrection of the Liquor Wars. After all, “No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session.” Apparently that applies to a man’s ability to keep his liquor cabinet stocked. For those of you who have forgotten what’s at stake, In Wisconsin, we have […]

Why isn’t a prevailing wage bill passing? I asked and answered that question at RightWisconsin. To understand the Republicans, we need to understand the French. No, not the Marquis de Lafayette. The French soldiers waving the white flag in 1917. Print this entry

Alba’s scarlet letter City adds adultery charge against chief Waukesha Freeman Page A6 Opinion 9/19/13  The problem is sex, as in too many of us are obsessed with it. When we’re not obsessed with our own sex lives, we have the sex lives of public figures to fill the time. The city of Waukesha Fire […]

Planned Parenthood recently got itself in trouble for an ad it was running against State Senator Mike Ellis: Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin has slightly altered an ad targeting state Senate President Mike Ellis but has refused to remove it from its website and plans to run it on Green Bay television next week. Planned […]

The pressure is on the Republicans in the legislature, especially in the state senate, to expand Medicaid beyond the plan envisioned by Governor Scott Walker. Over at the MacIver Institute, I explain why it’s bad policy and why the supporters of the Medicaid expansion are being dishonest. Darling is joined by a number of special […]

State Rep. Dean Kaufert is right: Representative Dean Kaufert sent the following letter to Department of Administration Secretary Mike Huebsch. In the letter, Kaufert asks that DOA enforce Administrative code rule 2.07 which prohibits the display of political signs on the doors and windows of state buildings, including the capitol. “The capitol is a place of history and […]

Budget not perfect, but not bad Zombies and hula hoops not a substitute for fiscal sanity Is it just me, or does the left have a holiday or anniversary for every day of the year? When the state Supreme Court announced their decision Tuesday evening to reinstate the budget repair law, some protesters complained about […]