Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Given the great streetcar debate in Milwaukee right now, I think John Podhoretz asks an important, and even timely, question: What if the earliest symptom of Ebola is an irrational desire to take forms of transportation with hundreds of other people? — John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) October 24, 2014 Print this entry

When you can’t even get the Obama Administration to throw money away, it’s time to reconsider the whole project. The Department of Transportation rejected Milwaukee’s plan to expand the operation of the proposed streetcar to the convention center. The additional federal money would have expanded the planned $64.6 million, 2.1-mile downtown streetcar system that the […]

The MacIver Institute has the report on making Milwaukee pay the utility infrastructure relocation costs for the proposed streetcar system that is already served by a bus line. MacIver News Service | May 9, 2013 [Madison, Wisc…] The Joint Committee on Finance passed a motion on Thursday that will ensure that the city of Milwaukee […]

Americans for Prosperity – Wisconsin has launched a new website, “A Streetcar Named Disaster.” The website and the reasons behind it are the subject of this week’s column for the MacIver Institute. From the column: The organization has set up a website, “A Streetcar Named Disaster,” where the public can sign a petition asking that […]

The MacIver Institute is out with a study showing that the supposed economic benefits of a mega-million streetcar system in downtown Milwaukee are just there to be found. “Downtown landowners and developers will benefit only if the city decides to throw hundreds of millions of dollars of additional subsidies to development along the line,” according […]

Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett desires a “modern” streetcar that will cost millions to lay down the track and millions more to move the utility infrastructure underneath. But Milwaukee already has a public transportation alternative downtown, and it has wheels. It goes more places and it costs a lot less to operate. So why is Milwaukee […]

The following is a letter from Brett Healy of the MacIver Institute regarding the proposed Milwaukee Streetcar Project. Healy explains how you can help find out if WE Energy customers from around the state will have to help pay for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett’s streetcar dream.   Dear Friend, As you may know, I have […]

Michael Horne at Milwaukeeworld.com is reporting Congress settled the dispute between Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker and City of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett over $91.5 million in federal transportation money. The City of Milwaukee will receive a 60% share of the long-delayed $91.5 million of Federal Transportation funding. The money would fund a streetcar system […]