Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

My friends, the Democrats in Wisconsin need help. No, really. Their current party chairman, Mike Tate, has announced he will not be seeking re-election at the June convention. He has become a lame duck, and the party is bereft of leadership. Okay, Tate wasn’t exactly an inspiring leader before, either. But still, there is a […]

I’m behind on just about everything, but I thought I would offer some post-election thoughts. First, the results of the WiggyPoll asking which scandal was the worst of the Susan Happ scandals. In case you’re wondering, not only did Susan Happ lose the statewide race for Attorney General to Brad Schimel 51.6% to 45.4%, she […]

You pick the scandal. Which Susan Happ scandal is the worst? Wisconsin Reporter has the story of the incompetent prosecution of Andrew Wirth. Media Trackers has the story of Happ claiming Clyde Mattsen was not a sexual predator. Media Trackers also broke the story of Happ’s failure to ask for a special prosecutor despite being […]

Tired of politics? Ready to go into a coma until Election Day? You’ve already cast a ballot and it’s time to get pickled? Pick any news show on the network of your choice. It doesn’t matter if it’s Fox or MSNBC or CNN. Every time they say, “turnout,” drink. Every time they say, “it comes […]

“Unlike Susan Happ, Brad Schimel is recognized as an expert and experienced leader among his peers and is often called upon as an instructor in trainings sessions such as these,” Koremenos said. “If there ever was a training session for how to sell your house to a sexual predator, I’m sure we could request tapes […]

Waukesha Freeman 10/16/2014 Page A5 Opinion Happ hiding behind the OLR State office provides cover in land deal So the Office of Lawyer Regulation leapt to Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ’s defense. Investigations by the OLR usually progress in geologic time. But they issued a response to the complaint by the alleged victim in […]

What’s happening in the race for attorney general between disgraced and unethical Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ and Waukesha District Attorney Brad Schimel? Schimel issued a statement this week accusing Happ of hiding and hoping. Happ’s campaign had no immediate comment. – The Associated Press Print this entry

Waukesha Freeman September 19, 2014 Page A5 Opinion Happ and the ‘war on women’ When Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ was added to the state Democratic ticket as the party’s nominee for state attorney general, the combination of Happ and gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke promised to embody the “war on women” theme. However, Happ’s […]

If the Democratic candidate for state Attorney General Susan Happ was a serial killer: Two newspapers would mention it on page 3. Dan Bice would blog about it online and get a quote from a Democrat accusing Brad Schimel of kicking puppies. One newspaper might mention it in an editorial but only after six paragraphs […]

Waukesha Freeman September 4, 2014 Page a5 Opinion   Happ’s disturbing conflict of interest Sex assault suspect had land contract with DA Happ It’s hard to remember that Susan Happ got the Democratic nomination for state attorney general because she was the most electable candidate. The Jefferson County district attorney was able to boast prosecutorial […]