Wednesday, July 17th, 2019

Reid Ribble announced on Saturday he is not running for re-election to congress. “Today, I am announcing that I will fulfill my third promise and will not seek reelection in November of 2016,” he said. Ribble said he wants to dedicate more time to his marriage, children and grandchildren. “Additionally, I’ve always said elected office […]

Over at RightWisconsin, Collin Roth has a list of possible Republican candidates to replace retiring State Sen Mike Ellis. One the list are: former Rep Steve Wieckert, former Rep Roger Roth, current Rep Dave Murphy, and former State Treasurer Jack Voight. Roth doesn’t mention her, but I am really hoping Terri McCormick doesn’t jump in because I’ll […]

A GOP political operative told me when the field of candidates thinned to only three in the eighth congressional district, it was good news because it raised the number of votes Terri McCormick needed to reach a plurality. Now we learn McCormick only has $1,600 on hand to finish the primary. Not only does it […]

From Terri McCormick’s What Sex Is a Republican?, another favorite sentence from the foreword written by Tony Seton, pp XV. While she wrenches the moral gut with her description of the poisoned process, she holds her lens far enough from the crime scene to show us the vulnerability of those in control. Print this entry

I received in the mail my complimentary copy of Terri McCormick’s What Sex Is a Republican? I’m not really sure I want to start this project. The book has Acknowledgements, Foreword, Purpose, About the Author, a Preface, and an Introduction, all before I get to chapter one. After ten chapters, there’s a section called, “Health […]