Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Catching up on the week’s action, here are the most recent stories I did for You can always follow the latest articles by me, regardless of where they appeared, at my Facebook author page. Looking ahead to Monday, already loaded in the queue, is an article on a new report by the Wisconsin Institute […]

Your tax dollars at work. The UW System reminds us again they have no understanding what a university is for. I’m not the type that worries too much about liberalism on campus. But I do worry when political correctness becomes an authoritarian regime and starts banning discussion or even books on campus. Surely if there […]

…Although one reason will do. University of Wisconsin System President Kevin Reilly is expected to announce he is leaving, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. Reilly’s departure would come after nearly nine years in the System’s top job and on the heels of an unusually contentious legislative session in which top lawmakers, mostly Republicans, excoriated […]

Over at (yes, subscription required), I put the decision by the Joint Finance Committee to free UW System students from the burden of funding United Council with a mandatory fee in perspective. Here is an excerpt: State Representative John Nygren told Wisconsin Public Radio that the request to end the mandatory fee for United […]

The MacIver Institute is investigating the connection between UW researchers and Climategate, the scandal concerning global warming researchers fudging the numbers and suppressing criticisms of the theory. MacIver has discoverd that several UW researchers were included in group email conversations that discussed masking data, incorporating false trends into climate research, and blocking efforts to correct […]

Judge Richard Neiss of Dane County rejected a lawsuit claiming the referendum amending the constitution to ban same-sex marriage was itself unconstitutional. UW-Oshkosh instructor William McConkey challenged the amendment, arguing Wisconsin statutes limit referendums on constitutional amendments to a single question. McConkey’s attorneys argued that the marriage amendment asked voters to respond to two separate […]

A student senator at UW Stevens Point can’t handle seeing a political display with which he disagrees. His rage goes on full display, even when a campus security officer confronts him. This is clearly the antics of someone not emotionally developed enough to be at a university.Notice that his belief that someone might be offended […]

Over at the Critical Badger the students are lamenting the student body’s apathy towards the UW-Madison student government and the apparent incompetence of the incumbents. The “state of the ASM” speech only attracted an audience of three reporters and six ASM members. If you read through the Critical Badger’s post down to the comments, someone […]