Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Waukesha Freeman 9/10/2015 Page 6A Opinion Don’t let this pilot fly County involved in Sunset Homes loan, too Internal emails uncovered during open records requests reveal that the city of Waukesha’s proposed loan to Sunset Homes for home repairs is even bigger than reported. The emails also suggest that the financing is not as sound […]

In the world of competing open records requests, WISN’s Mark Belling reported first about Waukesha City Attorney Brian Running’s concerns about a proposed loan from the city of Waukesha to the Sunset Homes condominium board. I’m also reporting on the email in my column in tomorrow’s Waukesha Freeman, which was written yesterday. Since my column […]

Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Jun 23, 2011; Section:Opinion; Page Number:8A Council right to override Scrima’s veto Mayor’s erratic behavior raises too many questions It was interesting Tuesday night to watch many of the supporters of Mayor Jeff Scrima ask for “decorum” in response to Alderman Terry Thieme’s guest opinion column in the Waukesha Freeman. Since many […]

City of Waukesha Mayor Jeff Scrima, in response to a direct question from Alderman Vance Skinner, said tonight that he supports the city’s application for Great Lakes water. Scrima was answering a question from Skinner after a statement from the mayor explaining his veto of the composition of the city’s water negotiation team. This should […]

I saw this on Facebook from Vance Skinner, candidate for alderman, and thought I would pass it along, I campaigned until there was no more sunlight tonight and could no longer see the street numbers. No one can say I didn’t give it 110%. Thank you all for support, no matter what the outcome. It […]