Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Some days you drive to Madison just to sit and twiddle your thumbs. If DPI proposes rules and nobody speaks against them, do they make a sound? MADISON, Wis. – Despite the controversy surrounding passage of the law, nobody testified at Tuesday’s public hearing on the permanent administrative rules for Wisconsin’s Special Needs Scholarship Program. […]

Waukesha Freeman June 26, 2014 Page A5 Opinion The real scandal last week State DPI abuses funds for disabled children With the end of school you might have missed the biggest political scandal so far this summer. It’s a blockbuster. No, not the document dump of the John Doe sequel investigation into Gov. Scott Walker’s […]

This is pretty outrageous. According to the MacIver Institute, The Department of Public Instruction used money that was intended for special education to pay for staff to a conference on “white privilege.” Bad enough to have the conference at all, but to take money meant for special education? An investigation by the MacIver Institute has […]

The MacIver Institute did an analysis of the grading of the Waukesha School District by the state Department of Public Instruction (DPI). They discovered good news, that no school is failing. And they found bad news, that no school is exceeding expectations. The district as a whole earned a solid C grade, using the numbers […]

Nullification stance will haunt Pridemore campaign Waukesha Freeman, Opinion 12/6/2012 Page A6   Last week, I mentioned State Rep. Don Pridemore, R-Hartford, in my Waukesha Freeman column as one of the Republican legislators who actually endorsed the idea of arresting federal officials attempting to implement Obamacare in Wisconsin. This issue will follow Pridemore in the […]

“Chieftains” are no more. (Thks: Owen) The Osseo-Fairchild School District in western Wisconsin was ordered Tuesday to drop its Chieftains nickname and logo after the state determined it was race-based and promoted discrimination and harassment. The state Department of Public Instruction’s first-of-its-kind order comes under a new state law that went into effect in May. […]

At the Country Springs Hotel tonight in Pewaukee: Thank you….Thank you… Well, while tonight did not end as we had planned, I hope all of youjoin me in holding your head up high. We brought important issues to the table during this race. I have no doubt that Merit Pay, substantial MPS reform and the […]

Candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Evers admitted today that he did something without asking the permission of WEAC first. “I chewed chewing gum. Bubble gum, actually, although I did not blow any bubbles because I was hoping not to get caught.” WEAC President Mary Bell was not amused by what she characterized […]

Statement from Rose Fernandez: “This is exactly why we need to change DPI. “I was dismayed to hear that my opponent may have broken state law by soliciting campaign funds and other forms of support from a public official via taxpayer-funded resources; and, that he apparently asked that same official to use his position and […]

State Representative Don Pridemore and his staff are in a little hot water because of a press release they issued attacking Tony Evers, candidate for state superintendent of public instruction. The press release was sent out using a state e-mail address and on the state assembly office letterhead, and it listed the representative’s toll-free state […]