Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is ignoring the email. The Wisconsin State Journal is burying the email at the bottom of their story. But Wisconsin Watchdog has posted the entire document containing the email online, and it provides more evidence of the partisan nature of the John Doe investigation. Here is the entire email: “We said […]

The Wisconsin State Journal committed a flagrant act of journalism (as Charlie Sykes likes to say) and compared the supposedly new draconian rule enforcement at the Capitol in Madison with other states’ capitol buildings. Turns out that protestors in Wisconsin have it easier than their counterparts in other states. Tighter rules on protests inside the […]

Chris Rickert at the Wisconsin State Journal wonders why can’t we all get along? I’m not ready to concede the possibility that God and evolution endowed us with reason just to make us better equipped to win an argument in favor of, say, cutting $500 million from Medicaid funding or the “right” to unusually generous […]

State Senator Fred Risser just said we don’t need $10 million more for Capitol security. He said it as the Capitol was just attacked with a “stink bomb” by those oh-so peaceful protestors. Update! 7:00 PM Before Democrats complain about not needing to spend $10 million to beef up Capitol security, maybe they should have […]

“Look mommy. My favorite columnist says everytime a conservative wins, a liberal wants to ban the election.” It’s a wonderful life in Wisconsin, isn’t it? But seriously, last week for the MacIver Institute I took a look at so-called “merit selection” for judges and found the idea terribly flawed.  I’m afraid there are just some things we’ll just […]

The Wisconsin State Journal tried to figure out the winners and losers for businesses near the Capitol. For some the protests were a boom. For others they were devastating. The budget protests jammed streets and sidewalks, filled the Capitol and drew news media from afar, but the masses had a mixed impact on Downtown businesses. […]

The Wisconsin State Journal is reporting on Twitter that it doesn’t look like the authorities are going to arrest anyone to clear the Capitol. Print this entry

The Wisconsin State Journal’s editorial page is just ridiculous at times. Now the editorial cartoonist drew a picture of Governor Scott Walker as “Generalissimo Walker” and then complained Walker won’t compromise. I cannot imagine anyone finding it the least bit funny to call the Governor a Fascist. Phil Hands should be ashamed of himself. This […]

The Wisconsin State Journal identifies Dr. Lou Sanner as one of the physicians handing out fake doctor’s excuses on the Capitol Square during the protests. Sanner, like the other physicians identified so far, works at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. Critics say handing out notes without thorough examinations constitutes fraud. […]

Publication:Waukesha Freeman (Conley); Date:Feb 3, 2011; Section:Opinion; Page Number:10A Walker must offer more than ‘Go Packers !’ Yes, state’s fiscal condition is bad, but what will governor do about it? Plus, answer to less democracy is not ending democracy in Supreme Court race Perhaps it’s fitting that Gov. Scott Walker gave his State of the State speech […]