Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

Looking for lunch entertainment on September 20 in Waukesha County? The Waukesha County Business Alliance, the Young Professionals Program, has asked moi to appear with Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now on a politics panel. Jeff Mayers of Wispolitics drew the short straw to be the moderator. It should be an entertaining and informative discussion. […]

WNS – WAUKESHA A poll taken by the Wigderson News Service of the writers at the Wigderson Library & Pub shows 100% of those surveyed think that WisPolitics reporting on an unscientific poll of it’s iPhone app users is completely stupid. The writers poll also showed 100% of those surveyed thought that any news organization […]

If you want to vote in the Wiggy presidential preference poll (on the right hand side of the blog page) you have until Wednesday night at 9:00 PM. Right now Herman Cain is leading with nineteen votes. Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann are tied at a distant second with eight votes each. Romney and Pawlenty […]

The straw poll at last weekend’s Republican Party of Wisconsin convention sent a strong message to the candidates considering running for Senate. Former State Senator Ted Kanavas won the poll with 73 votes. Former Governor Tommy Thompson finished a distant second at 61 votes. Attorney General JB Van Hollen, an unlikely candidate at this point, […]

The Capital Times, known for indulging conspiracy theorists and celebrating the civic contributions of Ed Garvey, has acquired The joint announcement came Thursday from Clayton Frink and John H. “Jack” Lussier, president and chairman of The Capital Times Co., and from WisPolitics. Jeff Mayers will continue as president of the non-partisan, Madison-based news service, […]

Back at the Wigderson home office this morning, catching up on the convention news from the safety of my kitchen. is reporting JB Van Hollen received the endorsement of the Republican convention this morning on a voice vote. I think it’s fair to say most Republicans are relatively pleased with Van Hollen. Making Van […]

My interview with Dick Leinenkugel in the Waukesha Freeman last week caught the attention of the Terrence Wall campaign and WISN’s Mark Belling (7:11 in). An e-mail from the Wall campaign yesterday: Dick Leinenkugel was a quick study under his old boss, Jim Doyle. It only took him 18 months to acquire Jim Doyle’s sense of […]

With the state legislature is meeting today for the final scheduled time this term (other than some mop up in May), I added two feeds to the side bar to help readers keep track of what’s going on: The MacIver Institute Twitter feed and the Quorum Call feed. Speaking of the MacIver Institute, Brian […]

Erik Gunn e-mailed me last night for an on-the record statement regarding my blog post concerning WTAQ radio personality Jerry Bader’s now-retracted statements about Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton.  I responded and offered to answer additional questions by phone if he desired.  Gunn was apparently satisfied and quotes me in his article for  Here is my […]

According to, Governor Doyle will streamline the approval process for stimulus projects in Wisconsin: Gov. Jim Doyle said today that the bidding and approval process for infrastructure projects funded under a potential federal stimulus package would need to be streamlined to “get more projects moving more quickly.” Doyle and other governors made a push […]