Sunday, August 25th, 2019

Thanksgiving bleg


This Thanksgiving my family is trying something new. Every year my wife and I try to run the gauntlet of two Thanksgiving meals, one with the Lovely Doreen’s family and one with mine. It always results in too much rushing at one house, too much food eaten, too much hassle, too much everything. It’s not the fault of our families, but it becomes just too much.

We’ve tried the combined families meal but, even though our families get along just fine, it just becomes a lot of people for one person to handle. (I admit it. I am not much help on Thanksgiving.) To make it more difficult, my house was not really built for cold weather entertaining. I am not sure what my house was built for, actually.

When the Lovely Doreen told me what her work schedule was going to be Thanksgiving weekend, I joked that we ought to plan a Thanksgiving breakfast. And then it wasn’t so funny after we thought about it. We could eat and still have time to take a nap before dinner at her parents’ place. It’ll be perfect.

It will be even more perfect if Thanksgiving breakfast could be at a nice restaurant. Some place on a par with eating Sunday brunch at La Estacion. So I’m asking any of my readers out there if they can recommend a place to check out for Thanksgiving breakfast. I’m not looking for a catered affair like having Zilli’s come in. I’m just looking for a nice place where a good-sized family can have a nice breakfast.

I would prefer the place to be in Waukesha, but it’s not absolutely required.

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