Friday, August 23rd, 2019

The Coulter Can


Nick Schweitzer has the best description of Ann Coulter so far, “the garbage can of conservative thought.”

I’ve heard that argument that the other side can get away with some pretty horrendous speech, we (conservatives) should be able to as well. I know there is a double-standard; I understand it is unfair. But if there is to be a double standard, wouldn’t we rather be held to the higher standard? Then maybe we can hold Michael Moore, Jimmy Carter and Bill Maher accountable for what they say.

So the next time Sean Hannity has Ann Coulter on his program, or some organization has her as the dinner speaker, let’s not remain silent while she embarasses the conservative movement further.

The circus sideshow freak is no longer entertaining (if she ever was); she’s repulsive.

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