Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

The homophobic left


I thought the left was supposed to be on the side of tolerance and acceptance of homosexuals and sodomy. It was only extreme conservatives that were intolerant and made fun of homosexuality. Yet Scot Ross of One Wisconsin Now, the self-described partisan organization with the Fascist-sounding name, actually posted this picture (click to enlarge) on his Facebook page with the caption, “You said it all.”

Leftist homophobia with One Wisconsin Now's approval

Do you think Ross will be in any trouble with his comrades for this breach of political correctness, or will he just excuse it away as his usual potty-mouth? It is interesting how, when the left is riled up about something, they have absolutely no reluctance to go into using smears and taunts that they would never tolerate in anyone else. We’ll see if the homosexual community considers Scot Ross to be too extreme and bigoted to lead a part of the leftwing movement.


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