Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

The Left’s disconnect (Plaisted Unbound)


I learned from him the bearing of a true professional man, the respect for opposing views, the value of informed argument and fair play.

Mike Plaisted, April 2nd

The classless, gloating radio and blog wing-nuts are having great fun this week grinding the salt of Louis Butler’s defeat into the open wounds of Wisconsin’s lost independent judiciary. When they aren’t childishly calling us whining losers, they are feigning outrage that anyone who tried to protect the state from WMC’s stack-the-court campaign would imply that the result of the Supreme Court election was anything but a reasoned choice of one “judicial philosophy” over another.

But they know what they did and what they do. The popping of champagne corks in country clubs, gated-community mansions and right-wing radio studios could be heard throughout the state – or at least in the North Shore and western suburbs – and throughout the nation, where the attack on the independent judiciary is driven (and funded) by the same devious greed-heads who brought you Junior Bush and the war in Iraq.

Mike Plaisted, April 3rd

You can almost picturing him reading his blog aloud at a podium, pounding it with his fists as foam is coming out of his mouth.

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